Geeky and Techie: What Makes “OPPO F5 6GB” a #WorthPartOnYourChristmasList?

Because of the demands of my daily life as a blogger/teacher/financial advisor, I have to have a phone that will suit my big storage needs. Sometimes, it’s hurtful to delete some memorable pictures and videos from my phone so you can make another one. For gamers out there, I know the feeling of “slow gaming experience” especially if you’re phone don’t have much memory storage. That’s drastic for you and me. We need a phone that’s BIG in memory, FAST in performance. 

Good news to us! Because OPPO, the leader in selfies, just made a mark in the selfie-centric Philippines with the launch of the new OPPO F5 6GB in limited edition red color. The new smartphone is set to raise the bar high with an upgraded 6GB RAM for the ultimate multi-tasking, along with bigger internal storage of 64GB. Aside from having strong technical specifications, the OPPO F5 6GB is a fashionable statement phone with the company’s flagship color red as the iconic symbol to have this Christmas season.  

OPPO F5 Youth KV

Not convinced yet, here are the points that makes this phone #WorthPartOnYourChristmasList:

1.Performance Beyond ConcernOPPO F5 6GB  (1)

Carrying the latest 2.5GHz Octa-Core Processor paired with a future-ready 6GB RAM, it’s ready to take on any challenges in today’s internet-revolving world. Storage is now also bumped up to 64GB internal for more photos and videos ready to be taken with the 20MP A.I. Front Camera and 16MP Rear Camera.

Connectivity won’t be a problem as it comes with a dedicated tri-slot tray for two nano-sim cards open to all networks, and a MicroSD card of up to 256GB expandable storage. Finishing tasks will also be made easier with the F5 6GB’s 3,200mAh battery for an all-day smartphone usage.

2.Flagship Features



The OPPO F5 6GB carries consumer-centric flagship features such as the 6” FHD+ 18:9 Ratio Full Screen Display for the most immersive visual experience. Security is also upgraded with Speedy Facial Unlock to quickly access your smartphone by detecting the face of the owner and unlock the phone, this is on-top of the fingerprint sensor at the back for double security.

With the latest ColorOS 3.2, the F5 features the easiest smartphone usage with intuitive controls and multi-tasking features such as the split-screen for opening two apps in one screen. Accompanied with other software features like anti-distraction features when gaming like avoiding interrupting calls, SMS, and even unnecessary notifications.

3.Stand Out from the Crowd

The OPPO F5 6GB is a phone that can represent yourself, stand out among the rest with its strong red color and silver chrome finishes. In a light package of 154g and a minimized 18:9 6” screen, it’s sleek and perfect to carry for anyone.

OPPO F5 6GB  (2)

“The new OPPO F5 6GB shows that a smartphone is not just powerful, but can also be a lifestyle statement with its loud and stylish red color. We’re sure that people will adore our outstanding A.I. Beauty Technology selfies along with its upgraded RAM and storage in a standout color,” said Brand Marketing Manager Stephen Cheng. 

4.Arena Of Valor x OPPO F5 6GB

In addition, the OPPO F5 6GB is also ideal for mobile gaming. With every purchase of the F5 6GB, customers are entitled to a free Joker character in Arena of Valor, the fast-growing mobile game by Garena. Customers will also get a chance to win more in-game items through lucky draws in the coming weeks. Watch out as well for tournaments here in the Philippines. Make sure to watch Arena of Valor and tune-in to OPPO Philippines Facebook page for more details soon.


Exclusively available at OPPO concept stores nationwide, the limited edition OPPO F5 6GB will be available starting December 9, 2017 for Php21,990. It comes with a free Olike Bluetooth speaker worth Php2,990.

Capture 2

Now I know what I want this Chrismas! Let it be OPPO F5 6GB you’re Christmas wish too and surely there’s MORE memories and FAST phone performance you will need this Christmas. For more exciting updates, stay tuned on OPPO’s Facebook page

Geeky and Techie: The OPPO’s “National Selfie Day” Experience

Selfie, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary is “an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social networks.” That might be the reason why “selfies” are usually in the bad rep in our society. Especially here in the Philippines, we’re considered a “selfie capital in the world.” Is it really a bad idea to have “selfies” or we’re just doing it wrong?

photo courtesy by google.

Good thing OPPO, the Selfie Expert, taught us many POSITIVE things about “selfies” in a celebration called “National Selfie Day,” by means of treating us to a magical day at Enchanted Kingdom.

National Selfie Day (1)

Hundreds of OPPO supporters from all over Metro Manila including me and my family have gathered for this special occasion. We enjoyed the day with unlimited access to the park’s attractions and a variety of food choices around each park zone. Talk about VACATION MODE ON!

National Selfie Day (4)National Selfie Day (2)

More than the rides and attractions, what I love this events are these:

1.OPPO Promotes “No Narcissistic” Selfies for all

When selfie often present, some people often see it as “Narcissism.”  OPPO wants to break that mindset. Selfies are not totally about self-image but a form of “togetherness” of people you love in pictures and post it on social media. And you can easily achieve it with the 20MP AI front camera and 16MP rear camera of OPPO. That’s a selfie worth a keep!


2.They Launched the limited edition OPPO F5 6GB 

Capture 2

For gamers and hardcore smartphone users like me, this is good news. Because OPPO just launched the limited edition “OPPO F5 6GB” that’s indeed can unleashed the hardcore gamer in you with it’s BIGGEST 6GB RAM for more selfies and apps storage for you and me. And for Php 21,990, you can pre-order this baby and get an O-Like Bluetooth speaker for free. That’s pure Christmas galore!

3.Night Performances and OPPO Smartphones Giveaways are SO LEGIT!

National Selfie Day (5)

The celebration is not complete without live music and a MASSIVE Christmas giveaway from OPPO. As Paroyka ni Edgar and other performers serenade us through the night. And with the fireworks display in the end, that’s something a night worth remembering with the people you love.


National Selfie Day doesn’t stop there as it is also an online contest wherein fans would stand a chance to win their own OPPO smartphone as they will be giving away 100 phones in 6 weeks from Nov 30 to January 10, 2018. Participants will simply upload their selfies at and follow the mechanics to qualify, a total of 18 winners will be announced weekly.

National Selfie Day KV

So the word “selfie” is not bad at all. You just need to know the right way to do it. And what better way to do it is with your loved ones at your side, and OPPO, the Selfie Expert, to let the magic happen. 


For more exciting updates, stay tuned to OPPO Philippines’ Facebook page at­

Geeky and Techie: My Honest Review for iPhoneX (Non Techie Review)

Have you seen the new iPhone X? With all the iPhone releases, I personally don’t have an “awe” experience with it from the very beginning. As an ordinary person, there are only fewer features I look for a phone that can help me with my daily needs. As long as I can call, text, use social media apps and upload beautiful pictures, I’m good. Now as our technology constantly improve, so did I should go with it, especially now as a blogger and a social media influencer.


So now they’re releasing the new iPhone X it on sale to the public, let me share my “unboxing moments” I had with this phone and talk about my personal reviews about it. For the record, I’m not a techie blogger to give too many technical terms about anything. But the goal of this article is to show how an ordinary person like me can relate to this phone in a “layman’s term” and to know whether if it is worth your money or not.




The first thing I notice is their simple packaging. Once you open the packaging, you will immediately see the phone, small phone feature manual, headset with the splinter, charging cable and port.


When you open this phone for the first time, you have to remember 2 things: your iCloud account and your micro SIM card. It took me about 5 minutes to do every step before I even go to the main menu. You can’t register without any SIM card in place and a decent Wi-Fi connection to connect your iCloud account (which I don’t have by the way.) As you register, the phone has a “face recognition technology” that can use as a password access to open the phone. This technology is not new to everyone since other smartphones are already using this feature.


As you explore the main menu of the phone, you will notice that the circle menu tab is no longer there. You can now access to tabs at the upper left side of the phone. For you to go back to the main menu, you have to slide your finger upward to the below part of the phone; another feature that is already used by other smartphones.



What’s new with this phone is their camera settings. The filters of the phone are now located below on the image screen that makes it easier for you to choose your desired filter. They also had the “studio” camera section that shows different camera features (bokeh, contour, focus, beauty, etc.) And with its dual camera at the back, it’s easy to take crisp and precise pictures better than their previous units.

Original selfie mode of iPhone X.
Different beauty portrait mode/features of iPhoneX.

The processor is the fastest of all the iPhone was released (in my opinion). It can cater to hard heavy apps that demand a high RAM storage. I just notice how the phone can easily heat after 20 minutes of use. And with the full-glass body of the phone, I can tell that it can easily break with my clumsy hands. Suggestion: buy a hardcore phone case and screen protector.



As an ordinary person, I believe that having an iPhone X is something that will UPGRADE someone’s lifestyle. With the very pricey cost of P64,900 (64GB)/P73,990 (256GB) pesos, strongly suggest better find a phone that’s close to iPhone X than spend too much money to a hype phone like this one. In a perspective of a “nontechie blogger,” this phone is something I CANNOT AFFORD, but if I want to get my A-game for #InstagramWorthy pictures and heavy-duty office tasks, this phone is worth to invest (I just hope that it will last long in my clumsy hands hehe.)


Thanks Widget City for this opportunity to review and enjoy using this phone. I will not hesitate if you will give this phone as Christmas gift hehe. For more features of this phone, kindly watch the vlog I made at my Facebook page: Love,Teacher Angel.

Geeky and Techie: Get A Youthful Vibe, Millennials with the new OPPO F5 Youth

As a teacher, I know specifically what our Millennials look for a Smartphone: Awesome Camera, Fast RAM for tricky apps and a long battery life. And youngsters are now willing to pay large amount of their savings juts to get it. Now that selfies are considered to be a significant factor in social media, OPPO delivers the F5 Youth with its famous features like: 

  • A.I. Beauty Technology
  • Speedy Facial Unlock
  • 6” FHD+ (2160×1080) Full Screen Display. 


Unveiled at OPPO’s 160th Concept Store in SM Megamall last Saturday, the F5 Youth puts the spotlight on its young and trendy-centric features that might be different to other smartphone elsewhere. Priced at a more affordable price point, this new smartphone brings more innovative features that Filipinos will surely enjoy.

Flagship features for all

The OPPO F5 Youth carries the same A.I. Beauty Technology front camera as the OPPO F5, which results to natural-looking selfies without the hassle of tweaking your camera settings.  Its selfie experience is like no other because it can analyze more than 200 facial recognition spots and determine the subject’s age, gender, skin type, and skin tone. This produces easy and customized selfies for all. To add to it, it also has watermark and filters section that will help you get that #InstagramWorthy pics. 


Capture real moments anytime and anywhere with the OPPO F5 Youth’s high quality 16MP A.I. Beauty front camera, accompanied with a 13MP rear camera. Get to see vibrant visuals with its six-inch full-screen of 2160×1080 resolution (FHD+) protected by the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5.


Unlock the OPPO F5 Youth using the Speedy Facial Unlock feature, providing an easy and convenient access to your smartphone. This feature is also handy as it becomes an option to unlock the phone besides your passcode and the finger print sensor at the back.

“The new OPPO F5 Youth brings in a new smartphone experience to Filipinos. Its effortless and natural-looking selfies using the A.I. Beauty Technology will surely be loved by all. It’s also one of the most affordable smartphones today equipped with facial unlock feature, making it innovative along with its strong performance and optics,” said Stephen Cheng, OPPO Philippines’ Brand Marketing Manager.

Multitasking for today’s demanding online world

OPPO F5 Youth runs on the latest Color OS 3.2 which opens apps 23.2% faster, accompanied with a strong 2.5GHz Octa-Core CPU and 3GB RAM for everyday applications on-demand. Connectivity will never be a problem since it’s equipped with a tri-slot tray to accommodate two sim cards and a micro-SD card.


Interact with the OPPO F5 Youth’s seamless features and innovative design. The 6-inch full-screen display allows users to get a wider visual perspective of their phone while maintaining the same size of a 5.5” phone. Explore more apps using the split-screen feature and effortlessly manage your tasks throughout the whole day.


A smartphone for the Youth

Since OPPO has continued to be the preferred brand of the youth, it consistently creates innovations to elevate your usual smartphone experience. The OPPO SM Megamall Concept Store is OPPO’s latest concept store inspired by a modern minimalist and youthful vibe with a spacious store experience.

OPPO SM Megamall Concept Store

The OPPO F5 Youth is now available at all OPPO concept and dealer stores nationwide for Php13,990. It is also available via Home Credit financing at 6 months 0% interest.


For more exciting updates about the OPPO F5 Youth, make sure to tune in to OPPO Philippines’ Official Facebook page

Geeky and Techie: Capture The Real You with the New OPPO F5 Camera Phone

How do you do your selfies? Personally, I just do it with filters and made my face more smooth and slim for my perfect picture to IG. But somehow it will not make sense because it became less real as it is. That’s why many smartphones are taking it seriously to give us selfie features that are being overrated and unreal.

Well, Oppo just makes it possible for us to make selfies so real and clear. Their new Oppo F5 smartphone is unveiled last week and no one is more excited as I am seeing it firsthand.

What’s new with OPPO F5?

Photo courtesy by OPPO Philipppines Facebook page.

It’s A.I Beauty Recognition can make selfies more personal based on gender, skin tone, age, and unique references of a person. It learns the specific facial features of different people from its millions of global image database of human faces. This was one of their breakthrough technology that will top up their previous F3 success.
Their camera feature has its new features that make it different:


– It has teeth whitener for white-killer smile pictures
– 20MP front camera with an F2.) aperture and a 16MB Rear camera with F1.8 aperture for better picture quality
– Bokeh effects and front HDR that can solve any over-exposure issues.

But more than just the good camera features, it also has the first 6.0-inch full-screen FHD+ display device, high-resolution 2160×1080 dpi screen with 18.9 aspect ratio, giving us the vivid visual enjoyment without the need to upgrade the size of the phone.

How about its sleek body design? Its one of the things that you can look forward to because of its slim appearance without any cut-offs, with a gracefully curved body that fits well in the palm, expressing a simple and elegant look. Surely it will not give you a hard time holding your sweet phone for a long time.

Want full security with your phone? OPPO F5 has it with its face recognition technology that recognizes its user and unlocks the phone. It makes it easy for you to access your phone when you’re on the go.

How is it feel using OPPO F5?

During the launch of the new Oppo F3, celebrity ambassadors shared their insights about this new phone:

“Ever since I used OPPO, I’ve been very impressed with the quality because of the super natural photos. Every time I take a selfie, sobrang natural lang tignan kaya the photos always look good. So when they showed me the new F5, I was really amazed kasi nagging maganda ang selfies ko. OPPO’s front cam has always been remarkable. Pero ngayon, it’s even much better because of OPPO’s latest A.I Beauty Recognition technology,” Sarah Geronimo said.


“Mas madali na mag-take ng selfies because of the sleek design plus full-screen display feature, and not to mention, kaya nya mag detect ng gender so easier for us. Then I was able to try the A.I. Beauty Recognition technology and I must say that my selfies really turned out great. It really captures the real you,” Alden Richards said.

Photo courtesy by OPPO Philipppines Facebook page.

Well, don’t just take their words for it, go and avail the OPPO F5. You can pre-order from October 27 to November 3, 2017, and get a free Olike Bluetooth Speaker worth PhP 2,990.00. It will be on sale to the public starting on November 4, 2017. Visit OPPO Facebook page for more updates and let’s capture the real you.