Teacher’s Entertainment Post: ISHIN-DENSHIN International Music Festival For Marawi Benefit

Thinking something to do before Valentines’ Day starts? February usually consider a “Love Month” for many of us. And how wonderful it is to get in touch with Filipino-Japanese culture in this month, as ISHIN-DENSHIN International Music Festival will launch at February 10, 2018 at Aseana City Open Grounds.


This was  brought to you by Monde Luce Productions – a company spearheaded by Japanese businessman, Mr.Kazuyoshi Irizuki. In partnership with Value Communications, JTB, Bio Luce, and Rimujin Advertising Services – this is one of a kind music festival which aims to bring together the Filipino and Japanese music lovers to celebrate the sound of unity.


ISHIN-DENSHIN literally translates to “What the Mind Thinks, the Heart Transmits,” which aims to strengthen relations with a conversation that transcends words; with music we share, culture, language and time. Through this we are able to amplify and foster a deeper and stronger relationship.


The event will create a platform for Japanese artists (IDOLS) to showcase their music in collaboration with our great Filipino talents.  In an effort to combat poverty in the Philippines through providing medical assistance, promoting children’s education, and providing help for those suffering from natural disasters, the Manny Pacquiao Foundation will be the beneficiary of this Music Fest. 


Apart from the amazing artists to look forward to, attractions to take part are food park with Filipino and Japanese street foods, activity park also where guests can immerse themselves with the Neonlook of the event – face and body

paint. To top-up the ISHIN-DENSHIN experience, platform for our Cosplayers will be set and for everyone else who loves taking pictures – Spinshot 360° photo and built-up letters of ISHIN-DENSHIN and will serve as photocell for the guests.

Watch out as we reveal one by one the artists and more details on our social media pages and official event website. Stay tuned!

Teacher’s Entertainment Post: What Does It Take To Get Into Bull’s Trial Science Team?

Main protagonist Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) of legal drama Bull no doubt shines as he fronts every episode with his snooty brilliance. However, none of his courtroom strategies would have been possible if it weren’t for an equally brilliant team.


With experts in various fields from neuropsychology and litigation to hacking and even fashion, Bull’s Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC) is television’s dream team we could only hope to join. But if such a fictional team were real, what would get us recruited?

Tech Expertise


Technology is central to TAC’s ability to manipulate trials to its favor. At its heart is the 400-factor matrix created by neurolinguist Marissa Morgan (Geneva Carr) to predict juror behavior with astonishing accuracy. Cyber intelligence, care of hacker Cable McCrory (Annabelle Attanasio), further adds to the team’s digital arsenals.

Sense of Style

The TAC team knows that appearance isn’t just skin deep. Former football lineman and resident fashion specialist Chunk Palmer (Christopher Jackson) ensures that first impressions last when it comes to the jury by taking care of the client’s look from hairstyle to shoe color.


Undercover Prowess

The Internet can provide only so much information about people, unfortunately. For some classic sleuthing, Danny James (Jamie Lee Kirchner) brings her experience from previous stints at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the New York Police Department to conduct espionage and collect data as the TAC’s lead investigator.

Legal Know-How

Trial science is incomplete without legal counsel. After serving as prosecutor for New York City, Benny Cólon (Freddy Rodriquez) now works the defense for Dr. Bull by providing clients with attorney’s advice as well as representation to help them win the case.


Wondering if you have what it takes to fit the TAC team? Find out by catching Bull Season 2, Wednesdays at 9:00PM, same day as the U.S., first and exclusive on RTL CBS Entertainment.

RTL CBS Entertainment is available on SKYcable channels 53 (SD) and 196 (HD), SKYdirect channel 35, Destiny Cable channel 53 (Digital) and 89 (Analog), and Cablelink channels 37 (SD) and 313 (HD).

Teacher’s Movie Picks: Disney Pixar’s “Coco” Sings its way to SM Cinemas Nationwide

The creators of Finding Dory, Toy Story and Inside Out invite you to a musical journey on the bond of family history as Disney Pixar debuts its newest movie, “Coco” in all SM Cinema theaters starting TODAY!


The movie follows 12 year-old Miguel who aspires to become a musician despite his grandmother, Mama Coco, banning music long ago, thanks to an ancient drama involving Miguel’s great-great grandfather, deceased music and film star Ernesto de la Cruz, who supposedly chose his career over family. On the eve of Dia de Muertos (day of the dead), Miguel breaks into de la Cruz’s mausoleum to borrow the star’s signature guitar and join a talent competition, but instead enters a whole new journey in the Land of the Dead and discovers a string of unbreakable family ties as he attempts to break to the curse that turned him into a living ghost.

Bringing the love of Disney closer to all Filipino families, SM Cinema debuts Coco in branches across the nation, with SM Seaside City Cebu heralding the movie’s first appearance on the Mega Screen featuring Coco brand ambassador Inigo Pascual as the event’s special guest. Coco then tours its premiere at SM City Davao, SM Santa Rosa and SM City Baguio.

Celebrate the month of Thanksgiving by discovering the inseparable bond of family and sing along with Disney Pixar’s Coco in SM Cinema branches nationwide beginning November 22. For more information, log on to www.smcinema.com or follow @SM_Cinema on Instagram, and /SMCinema on Facebook and use the hashtag #CocoAtSMCinema.

Teacher’s Movie Picks: SM prepares a wonder-fest for Justice League fans

With all the Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash and Cyborg on the super screen, the Justice League frenzy at IMAX brings the DC fans love the characters more. Good thing that there’s some awesome activities for you as SM Cinema puts their pure love. 


The highly-anticipated DC movie picks up from the preceding death of Superman– an event that jolts Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince to form a band of superheroes that will stand up against the Apokoliptan general Steppenwolf and his Parademon forces to protect the earth from destruction.

Bringing reel life to real life, SM Cinema brings out your inner comic hero through these out-of-this world activities in your neighbourhood SM:

  • Run with the heroes. Come in your alter ego and run as a superhero in the Justice League Run on November 25 at the Mall of Asia and November 19 in SM City Cebu.
  • Size up against your favourite character. Take a selfie with the champion of your choice as the life-size figures of Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and the Flash tour an SM Mall near you. Talk trivia, meet and greet the Justice League, and win free merchandise when you visit the activity centers of SM City Bicutan on November 22 – 29 and SM City Clark on December 2-10.

Make your movie experience a larger –than-life affair and watch DC’s Justice League in IMAX. Catch every detail of Flash’s lightning speed with IMAX’s stunning imagery, hear the rustle of Batman’s cape with the theatre’s crisp sound, and see Wonder Woman face to face through the heightened realism of IMAX 3D.

Celebrate your inner hero at SM. For more details, log on to www.smcinema.com or follow @SM_Cinema on Instagram, and /SMCinema on Facebook and use the hashtag #JusticeLeagueinIMAX #JoinTheLeague.

Teacher Movie Picks:SM Cinema treats moviegoers to 30% off every Monday and Tuesday

SM Cinema shakes away the Monday blues and Tuesday terrors by treating patrons to 30% discounts on movies!


You can now watch your most-awaited films at IMAX, Director’s Club Cinema, and SM Cinema at a fraction of the cost on their first screening every Monday and Tuesday.

Creating fun and memorable experiences, SM Cinema lets you enjoy movies for as low as Php133 in any SM Cinema branch nationwide until December 19, 2017.

So go ahead, catch the latest movies at IMAX, Director’s Club Cinema, and SM Cinema at 30% off every Mondays and Tuesdays! Log on to www.smcinema.com to buy your ticket, or visit /SMCinema on facebook and @SM_Cinema on Instagram for more details.