Soundtrips and Performances: Gibson brings Filipinos closer to music with new store at Vertis North

I must admit it. I’m a guitarist by heart and having my own guitar is one of the life goals I want to come true. When it comes to guitar selection, this is one I was not knowledgeable with. But if there’s one thing I want for a guitar brand, that’s Gibson.


Gibson is one of the few guitar brands that stand out in the local music industry. Among music-loving Filipinos, Gibson guitars are a favorite. Now, the iconic brand connects to more guitar lovers as it unveiled its second store at Vertis North in Quezon City.


Gibson photo #5

The new Gibson store is a guitar enthusiast’s heaven, complete with classic electric guitars like the Gibson Les Pauls, beautifully-crafted Gibson Acoustics, and more.

Gibson photo #3

Gibson is connected to music and music connects people. Historically, we go way back, so it has been more than 120 years of supporting music and people,” said Yasuhiko Iwanade, president of Gibson Guitar Corp. Japan, as he talked about Gibson’s legacy and how, from its humble beginnings, Gibson has never lost sight of the vision of bringing people closer to music.

Gibson photo #4

But despite the brand’s global success, Iwanade shared that it is still important to think local and understand musical taste and preferences to connect to more people. That is why Gibson supports many of the country’s local bands, including Franco, Kjwan, and Bleu Rascals.

Gibson photo #1

At the store opening, all three bands admitted that it was an honor to be ambassadors of such a prestigious brand and felt undeserving of the title. “You make yourself deserve it,” said Kjwan’s Marc Abaya, sharing that despite their apprehension, being Gibson ambassadors and holding the iconic guitar made them want to be better musicians and live up to the brand.

Gibson photo #2

Known as “The Standard” among many musicians, Gibson guitars are famous for their unmatched sound and guitar tone. Its versatility, playability and over-all quality are a performer’s ultimate ally.

“It’s comforting to feel that we have the best guns with us,” said Dave Delfin, bassist of Franco. But Gibson also adds a human touch, every purchase of a Gibson guitar includes a picture and a signature of the craftsman who put his heart and soul into making the guitar masterpiece.

“We have plans of expanding further to give Filipinos more access to our products, especially the newer models which we will launch soon,” said Fidel Zamora, Gibson Philippines retail sales manager, as he talked about the possibility of launching the Slash collection and the Gibson 2018 line. 

On a global scale, Gibson plans to expand its brand into lifestyle categories to connect more people with music all while keeping its tradition of quality.

The newest Gibson store is sure to delight music lovers and guitar collectors with their stunning guitars up for display and free to try out. So what are you waiting for? Go and check out the Gibson stores at the Estancia Mall, Capital Commons in Pasig City and Vertis North to get your dream Gibson guitar!

Angel’s Sounds and Rhythms: Victory Worship To Release “Rise Heart” October 20

Rise Heart_AL_Slide Stnd

On October 20, Filipino worship team Victory Worship will release “Rise Heart,” the follow-up to its gold-selling debut release, “Radical Love.” This band, composed of worship leaders and musician from different Victory Churches, aims to bring more of their passion and commitment to their movement’s cry through music: TO HONOR GOD AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS.



DSC08935 DSC08937

“‘Rise Heart’ is a call to worship,” says Pastor Julius Fabregas, Victory Worship Executive Director. “We want our songs to inspire people to know and follow Jesus, and we believe ‘Rise Heart’ will touch people’s hearts in a very special way to lead them in that direction.”

DSC08957 DSC08972

“Radical Love,” which was released in September 2014, was certified gold by the Philippine Association of the Record Industry, Inc. It spawned the number one radio singles”Radical Love,” “Grace Changes Everything,” and “Jesus My Savior.” Meanwhile, the music videos of “Radical Love” have collectively been viewed more than two million times on YouTube.

Pics courtesy by Victory Worship Management. Copyright 2015.
The live recording setting of “Rise Heart”. Pics courtesy by Victory Worship Management. Copyright 2015.
Isa Fabregas. Pics courtesy by Victory Worship Management. Copyright 2015.
Isa Fabregas, The VoicePH finalist, leading some of the songs for “Rise Heart” album. Pics courtesy by Victory Worship Management. Copyright 2015.
Barbie Honasan, Philippine’s well-known musician and former vocalist of “Barbie’s Cradle”, now serving as a musician and worship leader of Victory Worship. Pics courtesy by Victory Worship Management. Copyright 2015.
Pauline Dedek, the youngest member of Victory Worship as acoustic guitarist and discipleship leader of Victory Fort Bonifacio. Pics courtesy by Victory Worship Management. Copyright 2015.

“Rise Heart,” which was recorded live at the Every Nation Building in Fort Bonifacio Global City, contains 13 tracks, including six tracks penned by Every Nation Music songwriters. Every Nation Music produces music that creatively expresses the passion for Jesus and the mission, vision and values of Every Nation, a global church planting and campus ministry movement. Victory Worship music, on the other hand, was also made to appreciate and unite Every Nation churches from across the globe through these songs of praise.

Pics courtesy by Victory Worship Management. Copyright 2015.
Lee Brown, Worship Leader of Victory Worship. Pics courtesy by Victory Worship Management. Copyright 2015.

Among the tracks are the radio singles “Rise Heart,” featuring The VoicePH 2013 quarter-finalist Isa Fabregas; “Dance in Freedom,” written and sung by Yan Asuncion, who co-wrote “Radical Love”; and “Lost Without You,” a radio-friendly pop/R&B toe-tapper originally performed by Freedom Band, Victory Worship’s Every Nation Music label-mates from South Africa.

Cathy Go, Worship Leader who lead some songs like "Ruler of Nations" and "Reign Forever". Pics courtesy by Victory Worship Management. Copyright 2015.
Cathy Go, Worship Leader who lead some songs like “Ruler of Nations” and “Reign Forever”. Pics courtesy by Victory Worship Management. Copyright 2015.
Yan Asuncion, writer of "Radical Love", "Dance in Freedom" and "Everlasting Glory." Pics courtesy by Victory Worship Management. Copyright 2015.
Yan Asuncion, writer of “Radical Love”, “Dance in Freedom” and “Everlasting Glory.” Pics courtesy by Victory Worship Management. Copyright 2015.

The musicality and lyrical elements of each song are crafted, both from their devotion and theological visions about the Gospel. And being in one heart and one passion for Jesus, Victory Worship took their standards higher. As they collaborate with some music producers from Nashville, Texas and with Otto Price, a well-known music producer who worked with worship bands like Israel Houghton & The New Breed, Darlene Zschech, etc.

“Rise Heart” will be released on October 20 on iTunes and in CD’s at all House of Praise and Life By The Book outlets, and selected SM Record Bars, Astro Vision, and Odyssey outlets.

Rise Heart_Pre-Order Poster

Victory Worship x Worship Generation Parnership. 


More than just the album launch, Victory Worship, together with Worship Generation, the most respected Christian Brand, are partnered to bring you the Victory Worship x Worship Generation line offers limited edition #RiseHeart tees, ballers, and lanyards!

Since it’s a limited edition item, be sure to pick up what you can before they run out! Check Worship Generation facebook page for more updates.

Visit for more information. You can also follow them through these social media sites:




To get to know more about these songs, see the “Story Behind the Songs” videos of Victory Worship here:


Angel’s Sondtracks and Rhythms: MICKLE MIXER (QUALITY TO THE NEXT LEVEL)

The music industry is very advanced in order to bring good music to its consumers, music producers look for a reliable sound mixer that will help them create great music. Mickle is a brand that they can depend on because it provides reliable sound mixers without breaking the bank. Whether for personal or business use, Mickle is very dependable in bringing great sound mixers at a reasonable price.

Get your "Powered Mixer" here at Mickel and X12
Get your “Powered Mixer” here at Mickel and X12

Solely distributed by Panvin International, Mickle’s aim is to give quality electronic sound mixers without burning a hole in your pocket. From simple sound mixer set-up – 2 to 4 channels for starters to 18 channels set-up which is mid-level, MICKLE has a unit for your need. From professional mixer boards to be used at events to even a simple mixer for the DJ enthusiast – Mickle will provide it for you at a reasonable and competitive price.


Being one of the latest brand lines of Panvin International, they aim in providing good quality sound mixers in the market with their state of the art mixers that will surely wow the crowd and amplify any event.

To know more about Mickle sound mixers and its prices you can check out at

Angel’s Soundtracks and Rhythms: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SATCHMI! (The Birthday Celebration)

The Satchmi Store was packed to the brim for their 1st birthday. A celebration of Satchmi’s love for records, music, and the lifestyle they cultivate together with their community of friends and loyal customers.

People were pouring from all directions for Satchmi’s Birthday! Photo c/o Shutter Panda Photography
People were pouring from all directions for Satchmi’s Birthday! Photo c/o Shutter Panda Photography

It’s no surprise when we saw people pouring in from all directions to the store. When you step in, it’s as if you’re in another world separated from the mall itself. There was free food courtesy of Mr. Graham’s Sandwich Shop, their highly talked about Cebuano along with chips and dip filled everyone’s appetite throughout the event. In tandem was Mrs. Graham’s macarons straight from her cafe, specially made for the event complete with vinyl record designs and plating. Their Apple Pie Soda was also served during the party as well as Craftpoint’s Summer Sessions. All free aside from Satchmi’s esteemed third wave coffee. 

Photo c/o Shutter Panda Photography
Photo c/o Shutter Panda Photography
Photo c/o Shutter Panda Photography

People got to experience fun and games throughout the event like spin the wheel with prizes from Satchmi’s lifestyle brands — Happy Socks, Lost Nomad, Gouache Bags, The Green House Project, Sunday Paper Co and more, there was also a sleeve face Photo Booth contest, by the end of the night the most creative photo got to take home a Motorino Mk II. A Satchmi event wouldn’t be complete without performances from their favorite artists BP Valenzuela, Reese & Vica, CRWN, and up and coming Coeli. Chip Balbuena — a comedian from Comedy Cartel’s line up was also their to provide some laughs for the night.


Photo c/o Shutter Panda Photography
Photo c/o Shutter Panda Photography
Photo c/o Shutter Panda Photography

The main event was when Satchmi released a video showcasing what was next for them this year. Some of the things announced were: 

  1. They are opening a 2nd branch in Quezon City (exact location still top secret) early 2016;
  2. the Motorino Mk II now comes in the new color Silver bidding goodbye to the Ivory model;
  3. a new Satchmi Blend of beans exclusive from EDSA Beverage Design Studio coming soon to the store;
  4. and most importantly, a new vinyl compilation that is composed of some of their favourite performers from Vinyl Day 2013 to 2015. Some of the artists include Autotelic, Oh, Flamingo!, BPxCRWN collab, Tandems ’91, She’s Only Sixteen, Reese & Vica, Imago, Taken by Cars, and more! A total of 12 tracks for a vinyl produced and manufactured entirely by Satchmi. The vinyl, entitled “General Assembly” (and rightly so) will be released sometime in 2016.
The store was decorated special for their birthday. Photo c/o of Shutter Panda Photography
The store was decorated special for their birthday. Photo c/o of Shutter Panda Photography

“It definitely is hard to believe how far we’ve come” says Edric Chua, co-founder of Satchmi. “When we started out with just a couple of records and an online store, we always used to talk about opening a brick and mortar store until eventually the opportunity presented itself to us and we took it.” he adds. “From an online store to an actual physical store, and now we are not only distributors but producers and manufacturers of actual vinyl records— for a couple of vinyl enthusiasts, it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come.” says Aislinn Chuahiock, another co-founder of Satchmi. When asked what their secret was into getting this far, Ronald Sy – Managing Director and co-founder of Satchmi simply said “It was really a collaborative efort. Both within the team and with everyone we’ve ever worked with. Our loyal customers and everyone who has ever supported us also helped materialize what we’ve been planning for how many years.”

playerVinyl records have been around for a while now and although the emergence of technology and digital music has proven to lessen physical music sales, the fact that vinyl is slowly growing and emerging to be the ultimate and most genuine medium shows that a love for the good old days will never go away. Satchmi has been the frontrunner into making vinyl records accessible to everyone and as proven today, they are here to stay and we couldn’t be any happier. Satchmi is a music and lifestyle brand with a love for vinyl records, worldly goods, and everything in between.

“Happy Birthday Satchmi!”. Photo c/o Shutter Panda Photography

Visit their online store at or their physical store at the 4F Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall.

Follow their social media accounts:
or contact them at or 401 6905.


Angel’s Soundtracks and Rhythms: IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY! Satchmi Store Turns 1

It’s been a year since the Satchmi Store opened its doors and they’re celebrating it the best way they know how: the ultimate birthday party happening! Yes! The Satchmi Store has an ultimate birthday bash for all the music fans out there on September 26, 2015, 7PM at 4F, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall. 


For this upcoming celebration, performances and surprises are await for everyone who will attend. Reese & Vica, BP Valenzuela, CRWN, and up and coming artist Coeli will perform live on track. Adding to the birthday fun, Satchmi will also be getting Comedy Cartel’s Chip Balbuena, JackTV’s Kamikaze Best Comedy Act Competition winner & Laugh and Stack Standup Comedy Competition Champion to end the night right.




During the event, not only will we get free flowing coffee for the night courtesy of The Green House Project, but free-flowing craft beer from their friends over at CraftPoint Brewery! Coffee + Beer = the perfect way to cap off the night.

Record sales

We also hear that there might be a sale on their records (plus a special announcement about the Motorino Mk II we are absolutely dying to know!)

Party giveaways and prizes

For those who attend the party, they’ll get a chance to win Satchmi’s Motorino Mk II ­Customized Limited Edition. A staple in almost all of Satchmi’s events. Not only that, they’ve also added in more giveaways from their favourite curated local brands like Sunday Paper Co, The Lost Nomad, Gouache Bags, Leather Fellow, The Green House Project, and more!

There’s also be an anouncements to make for their future plans and other events for this upcoming 2016. Until then, we are inviting everyone to go to one of the most exciting birthday parties this year. Advanced Happy Birthday to the Satchmi Store and see you on September 26, 7PM!

To RSVP go to
The Satchmi Store is located at the 4F, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall
For more details contact Satchmi at or call them at 401 6905
Visit their website at