Teacher Beauty Finds: Have A Wonderful and Beautiful Christmas at SvelT’i’s

It’s Christmas time and you know what it means: STRESS CAN BE ALL AROUND. Shopping frenzy, Metro Manila traffic and all events you need to attend, what more can stress you more. With all of these, it might take its toll on your skin, it might ruin your health also. 

Teacher Beauty Finds: Get your Skin some Lovin’ Care with Glupa Skincare Line

Learning to love your own skin is a woman’s greatest battle. Acne, blackheads, whiteheads, aging, and other skin imperfections are a normal part of a person’s life. But even decades ago, we were taught to protect and take good care of our skin at all cost. Getting rid of the imperfections doesn’t mean hating your God-given flawed skin; rather, it is one way of showing that you care for your skin enough to create an effort of keeping it healthy.

Age Defying Solutions Philippines (ADSPHIL) founder and CEO Aiza Diuco encourages men and women all over the world to love their skin by taking a little of their time to adopt a skin care routine that would help address all their skin concerns. Cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing are the essential steps a person must perform every day in order to maintain a healthy and radiant complexion. With this simple routine, the body can regenerate the lost compounds needed by the skin, thus revealing a youthful look.

In 2009, Aiza put an end to the search for the perfect beauty products for Filipinos in the market. That same year, Glupa, the brainchild of ADSPHIL, patented its original formula of combined glutathione and papaya, being the first skincare brand to produce products infused with both whitening compounds. These compounds are flagged as two of the most powerful antioxidant agents, which can help prevent and repair damage to the body’s tissue. Moreover, papaya is a natural exfoliant that aids in the removal of the skin’s dead cells.

Initially, Glupa carried out its trademark whitening soap that paved the way for its recognition in the business industry. Aside from its potent whitening power, the soap also contains tiny white complex with Vitamin C and E that help in fading blemishes and acne scars. It also launched its line of body lotions and creams, which promise to further improve one’s complexion while providing concealing effect to hide imperfections in the process.


Not long after, Glupa modified its formula to reach out to a bigger portion of the community. It then released two additional soaps–the Glupa Skin Solutions Plus and the Glupa Skin Solutions for Men. The Skin Solutions Plus has AcneBuster from Japan as well as eight botanical actives developed according to the perfect treatment of acne and oily skin, while the Skin Solutions for Men is infused with tea tree oil that is renowned for its antibacterial and oil control power.


Today, Glupa has once again proved its competency in becoming the leading provider of globally competitive, innovative, and excellent beauty and wellness products. Extending to the public the complete process of standard skincare routine, it recently launched additional products to its ever-expanding line–the Glupa Skin Whitening Toner, Glupa Toner for Men, and Glupa Skin Plus Toner–all promising to eliminate excess oil and minimize the appearance of pores to give you a fresher and more refined look.

For the upcoming year, Glupa is set to launch another line of products which will further address the aging concerns of the Filipinos. With Aiza’s non-ceasing effort to improve the market of Philippine’s beauty industry, Glupa is definitely nearing to succeed in its quest to empower every man and woman out there who is insecure about their physical attributes.

Teacher Beauty Finds: Start Change your Traditional Skincare Regimen with the new USANA Celavive

What makes a beautiful and healthy skin? We usually encountered celebrities and famous personalities with their best look forward in their TV and social media appearance. You will see how flawless and beautiful there are in their Instagram posts and you wondered, how possible for them to take their skin despite of their busy schedule.


Last week, I just had a conversation with some of the well-known celebrities, together with people from the media. As USANA, the world-leading cellular nutrition company, unveils their newest high-performance skincare line, USANA Celavive. They also welcomed new faces of USANA Celavive here in the Philippines: Sam Pinto (Model/Actress), Michelle Barrera (Equestrienne), Misagh Bahadoran (Azkals @Team USANA Pilipinas), and Bb. Pilipinas Universe 1989 Sara Jane Paez.


How USANA Celavive Different from Other Skincare Products?

For ordinary Filipinos like us, we are taught how to take care of our skin with these steps: Cleanse, Toner and Moisture. But because of the effect of the environment to our skin, dermatologist usually make us do 10 long steps to make our skin beautiful and healthy throughout the day. However, these kinds of procedures usually cost much money and time to invest in. USANA Celavive is different, because it can innovate and change the way we do skincare, beyond to what traditional skincare regimen we used to have.

They have a complete and simplified skincare line:

  1. Conditioning Make-up Remover
  2. Hydrating Eye Essence
  3. Creamy Foam Cleanser
  4. Replenishing Night Gel
  5. Protective Day Cream
  6. Vitalizing Serum

These products from USANA Celavive features “USANA Incelligence Technology and Cell Signaling Complex” that awaken the cells’ natural ability to activate youth-preserving beauty functions within our own skin, going beyond traditional skincare regimens. This innovation was manufactured in Japan with their state-of-the-art facilities that is well-known for their extremely high manufacturing standards.


Furthermore, InCelligence maximizes the potency and effectiveness of the plant-based ingredients included in the Celavive Cell Signalizing Complex. Celavive skincare goes further and deeper and deeper to moisture skinand help maintain the skin’s natural barrier function by enhancing cell communication.

In other words, USANA Celavive aims to renew the cells so it can easily bring us youthful and fresh skin despite of our stressful environment. Better than just making our skin smooth and beautiful because a good cells can make it happen naturally.

More than just cell rejuvenation, USANA Celavive also help support the fight against visible skin aging. Key ingredients hydrate the skin, which works to counteract visible signs of chronological and lifestyle stress aging – like fine lines and wrinkles. All these things helps maintain the healthy look of our skin.

How Celebrities, Athletes and Beauty Queens Take Care their Skin?


Durin their presslaunch, the newest USANA Celavive Ambassadors shared these skincare secrets that makes their skin youthful and healthy for a long time:

  1. Sleep Well and take Beauty Rest Seriouly
  2. Watch what you eat and products you use to your skin
  3. Seek skin check-up from dermatologist once a month
  4. Stay hydrated and protect your skin under the sun/humid
  5. Follow well and paid attention to your skin regimen


At the end of the day, how you do skincare should not make things complicated nor stress you out. Consider using USANA Celavive and see the difference it can make to your skin, beyond your traditional skincare regimen. USANA Celavive will be available at the first quarter of the year 2018. For more updates about this skincare line, just approach a near USANA distributor, or visit their website www.usana.com or the USANA blog www.whatsupusana.com.


Teacher Beauty Finds: A clear, radiant and blemish-free skin for this year—and beyond with Proactiv 3-way Skin Treatment System,

The past year was quite challenging on your skin and face but you prevailed. With all factors that may affect its overall health—dirt, smoke, unhealthy or irregular diet, sleepless nights, anxiety, stress, and almost any other obstacle—you can’t help but think how you were able to overcome all of these.

But you did, and you did it in awesome style, thanks to a facial treatment system that helped you attain a clear, radiant, and blemish and acne-free skin this year and perhaps even beyond. And you did it without having to visit any skin treatment center and spend lavish amounts of money.


Armed with America’s favorite Proactiv 3-way skin treatment system, you accomplished the kind of velvety-smooth face at home that made it your greatest sense of achievement. As our body’s “window to the soul,” the face needs the correct, proper and consistent pampering and care that it deserves, and you won’t regret choosing Proactiv to do the work.

Proactiv, the world’s leading acne treatment brand, consists of a tried-and-tested 3-step skin treatment system. It has been proven to be the smartest, fastest and most effective anti-acne remedy in the market today and remains superior compared to other products available in the market today.

Just don’t forget to follow the simple yet effective Proactiv 3-way system because it will do wonders in your continuing fight against acne. Always remember to observe daily the three Proactiv steps: Renew, with the Proactiv Renewing Cleanser; Revitalize, with the Proactiv Revitalizing Toner, and finally Repair, with the Proactiv Repairing Treatment.

So if you want to pursue an acne-free face this year and the next, no worries. Just get the Proactiv Solution, competitively priced at at Php 2,495 for the 30-day kit and Php 3,995 for the 60-day kit. Just visit any Watsons and SM the Store nationwide.

Teacher’s Beauty Finds: Skin Care Lifestyle Experience at Lumiere Skin and Spa Uptown BGC

I don’t usually avail skin care treatment because of these two things: they’re too overrated and very pricey. Many skin clinic today are giving people deceit promises of good body and beautiful face with their numerous treatments, not knowing that they will spend too much time and money.


Well, during the Launch of the Lumiere Skin and Spa, they made me realize that it shouldn’t be the case. Opened their branch at Uptown Parade (Uptown Mall) BGC, this Skin and Spa place promote more than just skin care treatment but “Skin Care LIFESTYLE.” More than just giving people shady treatments all over, they promote healthy skin care within our reach with top of the line treatments that doesn’t need too much sessions, too much money to give clients their #GandaGoals.



One of the services that makes them top of their game is the “FOTONA 4D lifting laser”. It is the only laser system in the world that lases inside the oral cavity to lift and dramatically reduce the appearance of “laugh lines” (the nasolabial folds) This revolutionary new laser system offers Lifting, Brightening, Tightening And Total Skin Resurfacing in one treatment.

How is it possible? I tried one of their treatments to test how they do “Skin Care Lifestyle.” Before that, let me tell you about their branch in Uptown Mall BGC. The place is so calm and pleasing to the eye with their white-garden themed interior design. They can accommodate 8-10 people, but set to a reservation.


I tried one of their best-selling facial treatment “Hydra-Facial with wet-diamond peel and vitamin infusion”. It feels so good on my skin during and after treatment. Its goal is to give radiance and infuse vitamins in my skin. After the treatment, my skin feels smooth and refresh with the vitamin infusion treatment. I like the idea having the “wet-diamond” during the treatment to clean up my face without drying my skin.

The treatment is so good on my skin, I love how the staff being so knowledgeable with their service and caring for their clients and I like how they made the “Skin Care Lifestyle” so real with their treatments.


You can call or text Lumiere Skin and Spa at their number 09064654356 and book your appointment today! Visit their Facebook page www.facebook.com/lumiereskinandspa/ for more updates and insights to their skin care services.


Lumiere Skin and Spa
2nd floor of Uptown Parade (Uptown Mall)
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City