Teacher Reads: Why Modern Women’s Devotion “Thrive: Journey Into Grace” is Relevant to You?

The role of a woman—whether a mother, a wife or a single career woman trying to find her meaning and place in the world—is ever-changing. What remain constant are the everyday challenges and temptations that test a woman’s will and faith in herself and the Lord. In response to these, OMF Literature, Inc., the foremost publisher of inspirational books, presents Thrive: Journey Into Grace, a new devotional for women. To get to know more, here are the reasons why this is relevant for you: 

The Book is Inspired to Greatest Love Book of All: The Bible

Authors Darlene Sala, Luisa Ampil and Bonnie Sala, draw inspiration from their own experiences and life journeys to present messages in Thrive that speak directly to women and their daily struggles in living a purposeful and graceful life. Each entry contains a personal anecdote and teachings based on the Bible.

Darlene Sala shared, “Our prayer is that these readings, these snippets of truth we’ve stumbled upon in our quieter moments with Him, will encourage our readers to press into Him daily as they travel their own journey into grace.”Capture

This Book is Relevant for your Daily Strive to Thrive for God

The book contains more than a hundred entries on forgiveness, hope, prayer, relationships, and more—each with the purpose of encouraging women to thrive in their everyday lives. Each entry addresses various concerns using relatable stories—on depression, decision making, love, adversity and living in faith—lovingly written for you

This Book is Written by Precious Ladies 

  • Darlene Sala is well-known as a pastor’s wife, counsellor, missionary, Bible teacher and co-founder of Guidelines International Ministry. She is also the author of four bestselling books dedicated to guiding women in their everyday lives: Encouraging Words for Women, Inspiring Words for Women, More Precious than Diamonds and Refreshing Words for Busy Women.
  • Luisa Ampil has served with Guidelines International Ministry since 1998 and is now the ministry’s director for the media and its Philippine ministry. She is also the producer, writer and voice behind “Mula sa Puso,” a Tagalog radio program on DZAS 702.
  • Bonnie Sala currently serves as the president of Guidelines International Ministry and produces the Guidelines’ “Journey into Grace” radio program. She serves as a guest host on “Guidelines for Living.”

Noted author of Widow Connection, Miriam Neff, lauds the Salas and Ampil for collaborating on the book: “Darlene, Bonnie and Luisa make an inspirational, intergenerational team. Their insights are precious. Mother, daughter, and friend – they shine together. Though separate in their life journeys, country of origin, pain and spiritual backgrounds, they bond with sisterhood wisdom for us all.”

THRIVE: Journey into Grace is available at National Bookstore, OMF Lit Bookshop, Passages, and other leading bookstores nationwide for P350. The book can also be ordered online through passagesbooks.com

Teacher Reads:National Book Store Launches “Read Out Loud For A Better Future”

Books have their own unique effect on each individual. When we get to hold books in our hands and flip through its pages, words enchant us, opening our minds to new experiences. There are books that inform and educate people, from general facts about life to how to cook exotic dishes. There are also books that take you on exciting adventures, scare you through thrilling feats, and of course, books that make you feel all kinds of love – even the unimaginable. Nothing beats the feeling of finishing a book and adding it to your bookshelf, knowing that youve been changed by what you read. While there may be thousands of books published out there, some just stick with us and are worth sharing with the rest of the world.


Spreading the love for reading among Filipinos is at the core of National Book Store (NBS).  This year, the countrys favorite book store is celebrating 75 years of creating a growing nation of readers and being a strong advocate for education.  


As part of the festivities, NBS recently launched the Read Out Loud Challenge (ROLC) on Facebook and Instagram, aiming to promote the love of reading among Filipinos while supporting a good cause.  The mechanics are simple. Post a video of yourself reading out loud an excerpt from your favorite book and challenge 3 other people to do it. When you upload to either Facebook or Instagram, add the hashtag #ReadOutLoudChallenge and tag National Book Store (@nbsalert).


For every 75 videos posted, the NBS Foundation will set up a library in a public school, complete with Project Aklat racks that consist of DepEd-approved books. Project Aklat is an initiative started back in 2006 by the NBS Foundation, and 400 libraries have been set up since then. Now, with the ongoing ROLC campaign, NBS aims to set up 100 libraries nationwide. 


With such a worthy cause, its no surprise that celebrities and authors have taken on the ROLC.  Leading them is no less than the founder of NBS and an advocate for literacy, Mrs. Socorro Ramos or Nanay Coring, as she is fondly called.  

While the ROLC will promote and support Project Aklat, the NBS Foundation will also launch the 8th year of Project Aral this April 7,2017 in all NBS branches nationwide. Project Aral aims to visit and help over 150 communities who lack basic school necessities. Thats why in this years Project Aral, there will be two different kits: The first kit which costs only 25 pesos contains 2 notebooks, 2 pencils, a sharpener, and an eraser. The second kit costs 50 pesos and  contains 2 notebooks, 2 pencils, a sharpener, an eraser, and a pair of slippers  a great gift for children who currently have to make their way to school barefoot. But whatever kit you purchase will surely bring a smile to many Filipino children. 


These are just a few of the activities in store for Filipinos as part of National Book Stores 75th anniversary. There will be more to come, but for now, celebrate with NBS by accepting the Read Out Loud Challenge to spread the love for reading and help set up libraries nationwide.

Time to bring your favorite lines to life! Shop online at nationalbookstore.com. Visit the NBS Blog (blog.nationalbookstore.com) and follow them on social media (@nbsalert) on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. 

Teacher Insights: International Bestselling Filipino Author Reveals Keys to Early Retirement

Robert C. San Luis top international bestselling author of the book Wealth Without Wall Street — Seven Keys To an Early Retirement held a seminar on financial freedom during the launch of his book at the Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City.


With the success of his book in the United States (US), the finance guru, successful investor, and sought after investment consultant in America has arrived in the country on a mission to educate Filipinos on investment trends and achieving their dreams of financial freedom.

Born to Filipino parents, who were both doctors that migrated in the US in the 1950s, San Luis decided to take a road less travelled for a family of doctors. He decided to become a financial advisor and a business coach. “I have started an investment revolution and I have brought it here in the Philippines to mark a global campaign that will teach investors how to replace their income and enjoy an early retirement,” he said.


A successful financial planner to high-net worth individuals abroad and an expert in real estate investments and a manufacturer of housing communities in the US, San Luis observed that many individuals have a hard time enjoying a gratified life after retirement. “We build our finances and investments while we are young. We work to prepare for a comfortable retirement, but based on facts only two percent will enjoy financial freedom after they retire from work. And this is what led me to writing this book,” he explained.


With his expertise and experience in the world of finance and investment, San Luis came up with optimal ways that any one who wants financial freedom can apply. In his book, San Luis stated that if we see ourselves stuck at one point, we need to change strategy to change our lives, and it is paramount that we act on it swiftly.


“Filipinos are talented, smart and creative, but they are still in the dark looking for means to build a stable income. These people also spend long hours in front of the computers doing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. With this opportunity at hand, make use of the Internet to create your personal brand,” he divulged.

He said that these Internet platforms have created a vast market of opportunities for everyone. However, he still points out that we need to standout, and become an authority in our field.received_1539167156118257

San Luis’ another rule for success is to keep moving. According to him, we also need to build our own business even if we have to start with a small capital.

Lastly, the book Wealth Without Wall Street will also help you plan to prosper. San Luis shares some of the most sought-after investments that can help you retire sooner. He highlights in his book that people should learn how to replace their working income with passive income by adopting a well-planned approach in investment opportunities.


He further related in his book to “ Focus on investing in a portfolio of assets that can generate the cash flow to replace your working income, once you have passive income equal or greater than your expenses, you are free.”


The Wealth Without Wall Street will teach you how to reduce risk, increase cash flow and enjoy greater financial security. It will also show you how not to work until death but will teach you how to make smarter financial decisions for a retirement lifestyle you desire.


The book Wealth Without Wall Street — Seven Keys To an Early Retirement will be available in all Fully Booked branches by the end of the month. So make sure to make a reservation and contact https://www.fullybookedonline.com/contact-us.

You can also check www.robertsanluis.com for more information.


Teacher Reads: “Break Free” by Don Soriano Book Review

Financial Literacy is not something I’m expert to teach nor feature in this blog. Because just like anyone else, I also have some financial mishaps that I need to fix. It is never easy to teach something that you can’t act on. There’s a certain expectation about financial tips that most people tend to practice but not usually works for everyone. Doing such things can make you feel frustrated and burnout at the end. But you have to do it anyway because there’s no waste in learning new things. Energy can be restored but there are some learning in Financial Freedom that’s hard to find. And that’s what this featured book for today is all about.

“Break Free” by Don Soriano is an 81-page book that talks about his personal financial strategies and tips for readers like you and me to claim financial freedom. Just like any business struggles, Don went through bankruptcy and unfortunate consequences (due to unwise decisions), to literally own a million earned business that led him to his financial freedom. And now being a business man and Financial Literacy Advocate, he wrote this book that will help young Filipinos to step into the world of sales and business with a right business mindsets and principles in life.

If you think it’s just another money management book, think again. Because of more than financial talks and stuff, there’s some inspiring stories and principles quoted from different financial authors/speakers that can teach you “employee-to-employer” principles and entrepreneurial tricks.
To be honest, I’m no longer used to be a reader (blame it on social media lols), and reading such book is quite challenging. But finishing it for less than 2 hours encourages me to learn some principles that you and me to apply:

1. Don’t Quit Your Job (yet)
2. Make yourself as “BEST INVESTMENT”
3. Love and Hunger for THRIVING
   – Invest in learning new things;
   – Go to seminars, mentoring, classes, etc.
   – “Start seeing every peso you spend on personal development as a real investment with unlimited gains.” – Don Soriano

The downside, however, is the terminologies that the author wrote about money management and leverage. It’s a bit hard for an average employee to understand. It’s just me by the way but if you want to learn those things optimistically and if you want to have a “quick build of business mindset”, this book is a must have.

For those who are starting to enter the full-time business after employment, there are principles in this book that will help you start your business from the “Law of Association”, “Understanding Financial Freedom”, and “Best First Steps to Business.”
Make Financial Freedom as easy as it should be for every Filipino entrepreneur aspirants and learn new things from this book. If I can learn financial freedom as a teacher/blogger, you too can make it happen, whatever background you’re in.

For more details on how you can avail this book, you can visit the author’s Facebook and Instagram page:

Teacher Reads: Philip Yancey’s “The Question that Never Goes Away: Why?” (Teacher’s Review)


I had the privilege to read one of Philip Yancey’s new book “”The Question that Never Goes Away”. From the sequel of his previous best-selling book, “Where is God When it Hurts?”, the well-known Christian author shows the reality and joy of having God in your midst and how to be faithful and resilient in times of struggles.

In this book, Yancey will put you to a journey full of true to life stories. Stories full of sadness, disasters, and death. Going to these places is so hollow and treacherous for everyone to see. As you go to the stories of these tragic happenings like earthly calamities or massive murder of innocent people, you’ll find yourself asking two things in your head: Where is God and Why did He allow these things to happen.

In this booklet (in size), Yancey will open your souls to these situations and his goal is not to condemn you to feel compassion, but to show God’s compassion and identity to the afflicted. That He is the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow. That every time suffering occurs, He was there and felt what the victims feel even more. And by these stories that have been told by this book, you will be convinced that through any storm, no matter how surreal and tragic it is, God is still God and He is there for you.

Yancey also phrases some real and practical ways on how to handle these situations and how to respond to those questions that might throw at you by other people and non-believers as a Christ-follower.

Overall, this book doesn’t answer the question “why?” to these tragic events, but it only speaks who God is and why you should put your faith in Him. No matter what happens.

Philip Yancey’s “The Question that Never Goes Away” is available at OMF Literature Bldg and other Christian Bookstores near you.