Teacher Insight: Giving is So Much Better at Little Elves Bazaar

Don’t let the stress of the Christmas rush get you stressing this Yuletide season and enjoy your Christmas shopping with your loved ones at Little Elves Bazaar.


Little Elves Bazaar will be opening its doors to all the Christmas shoppers this December 8 to 10 2017 at Valle Verde 5 Basketball Court.

With 110 participating booths, you won’t have to stress where to buy gifts for your friends and family. From food trips with your foodie friends, to finding that novelty item to give to your loved ones you will sure have a great time at the bazaar.


The bazaar is open from 10AM to 9PM so you can have all the time to look for that perfect gift.

Along with the endless finds and food, there will also be activities, games and raffle for the attendees! And a face painting session, little elves photo opportunity and a life sized snow globe awaits the kids and kids at heart!


This event is a place that will fill your Christmas spirit as the season approaches. It will make giving so much easier as the bazaar is just like Santa’s little elves.

For more information you can check out Little Elves’ Facebook page http://facebook.com/littleelvesbazzaar

Teacher’s Insights: How to Build Tomorrow’s Greats with Promil Four?

What is the gift for every child? When I was a child, people already saw how talented and “gifted” I am in my age. I can sing, dance, sociable and can solve Math problems that lead me to “best in Mathematics” award during kindergarten. As an adult, these skills are still there, even better than before (except being a Math wizard.) And I realized, this might how our parents and environment mold us. Isn’t it? From the way our parents taught us to do a certain skill to our environment (school, peers, and community) taught us to use our senses and feel emotions, these factors play a huge part to mold a child’s whole being.

As time goes by, the innovation of technology and environment around us don’t look the same way as the way I grow up. It makes the development of a child more crucial than before. So as a teacher and 2nd mother to my students, it’s my responsibility to take the extra miles to help the children reach their full potential.

Photo courtesy from Lally Gonzales.

That’s why for almost a decade, Promil, a formula milk from Wyeth, continues to create programs that equipped parents and educators towards proper child development. And last week, they invited us for a fun-filled day full of activities and learnings in an event called “Shaping the Gift to Build Tomorrow’s Greats.” They gathered us to participate in a series of workshops and activities in a bid to educate us on the importance of building a strong foundation for child’s learning abilities.

PROMIL Four’s Learning Workshops highlights three different activities that show the advantage of multi-dimensional development in nurturing a child’s gift to its full potential. And as adults, we had a role-play of acting like “5-year-olds” for one day. This aims to show what it feels like “wearing in their shoes” with all these activities and know the full meaning of these workshops in helping our child reach their full potential. These activities are based on three learning zones focused on the physical, mental, and socio-emotional development.


1. Art Workshop (Mental Development)



During this activity, we were taught by our art teacher to draw specific shapes using different colors. I learned how this activity teaches kids how to recognize encouragement to their peers and it helps them sharpen their memory for details. This activity focused on bringing the experience on how art can develop a child’s memory through storytelling and painting while inculcating repetitive practices and rhythms.


2. “Giant Block Game” (Socio-Emotional Development)


This activity is one of the fun activities we had next to the Art Workshop. During the game, we were asked to build a house using big blocks without talking to our team mates. This activity teaches me to be a focus on the need of being socially adept for better learning. It underlined how an imaginative game can promote strong leadership qualities in children through imagination, communication, and collaborations. Things I don’t learn much during my childhood. So more than making our kids get a hook to their video games, make them move more and let them engage in physical activities. Because healthy bodies can do more.


3. “Children Yoga” (Physical Activity)


I usually do yoga through morning stretching and body bending during work. I never thought that children need it too (apart from its Hindu background which I don’t promote.) This physical activity focused on the importance of growth and immunity to strengthen physical agility to kids. A little stretch and bend will help their blood circulation flow and breathe better and it will relax their muscles and mind from all the stress and impurities in life. Technically, yoga can stimulate body movement and sensory experiences for children. It also promotes multi-dimensional learning as it encourages balance and coordination, focus and concentration, mind and body connection and self-awareness and mindfulness.


One of the points I learned during the talk sessions is the “first 1000 days of a child” period as the most crucial part in nurturing the different set of skills. According to Dra. Leticia Ho, Clinical Psychologist/Neurotherapist and President of Philippine Center of Gifted Education, the future will be different for children and it will depend on how the mother conceive and grows in the first 1000 days.


“Proper Nutrition plays an essential role in child’s brain development. With the right nutrients, it can further support a child’s advanced learning activities,” Ma. Neva Luna Batayola, Medical Director said.


That’s what PROMIL is all about. It has been known for nurturing the young Filipino’s gift by promoting proper nutrition with its “NUTRIESSENTIALS” formula – the combination of the unique and important vitamins and minerals that help support mental and physical development to help nurture the gift. And with balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and proper parental guidance, nurturing a gift is indeed possible.


Thank you Promil for taking us to a different level of learning how to nurture a gift to build tomorrow’s greats. And it could be your child or my students. Visit www.wyeth.com.ph to know more about their “Nurture the Gift” advocacy and Promil.


Teacher’s Insights: What JobStreet will do about Millennials’ Unhappiness at Work?

How do you know about your current work? Are you happy and satisfied with your work? If you will ask me these questions, I might say complicated things that will bother you. And not just I, actually many “Millennials” like me are having this dilemma too. We cannot tell anymore what happiness lies in our work today. That’s why many young professionals nowadays are easily be discouraged with their work, ended up jumping to one employer to another. Is it the company’s fault? Is our working fields doesn’t suit us anymore?

Picture courtesy by Anne Purificacion.

In Jobstreet, they created the “Job Happiness Index of 2017” to answers these questions. According to the report, Philippines’ job satisfaction level dropped from 5.25 in 2016 to its current rating of 4.97 on a 10-point scale. It is commonly caused of being unhappy at work which related to lack of career development and training opportunities, as well as the management style of a company’s leadership team.

Picture courtesy by Anne Purificacion.

“More and More Filipinos are looking for career development. They want to move forward in their chosen fields, but the lack of career development and training opportunities in their current companies seem to hold them back,” jobStreet.com Country Manager Philip Gioca said.

To make it short, these are the factors most respondents look for a job after resigning:

  1. Salary Increase
  2. Different working environment/Nearer location
  3. Career development and trainings
  4. Work Schedule
  5. More work benefits and perks

What jobStreet.com do to lessen the problem?

JobStreet.com aim to create the following projects to help people with their employment decisions:

  • Create an “Company Profile Review”-In this project, job-seekers will easily see the credibility of the company they will choose (company profile, benefits, employment care, etc.). It will high the satisfaction rate of our companies and help our employees be on the right company.
Picture courtesy by JobStreet Facebook Page.
  • Offer Training Programs and Career Development for Companies- JobStreet is offering services not just as an employment tool, but also open doors for college graduates and unemployed individuals toward career development and seminars for personality development, tips for job interview, and so on.

As a teacher/ blogger and financial advisor, here’s my advice for you Millennials, take every good opportunity and learn from it. No matter how big or small the salary is, let it teach you to find happiness in doing a good work and be excellent. Surely, promotions, perks and salary raise will come. Don’t jump from one job to another, rather commit then grow more. Because job is not just about responsibility, it’s about a calling that you take for you to live in. 

For more information about JobStreet and the 2017 job Happiness Index, you can visit their website at www.jobstreet.com.ph

Teacher’s Insights: Visa Philippines launched Financial Literacy “Interactive Play” for Students

How to teach young people today about “Financial Literacy?” With all the social media influence and the good economy status we have, how can we possibly teach young people about money?  Visa Philippines use good opportunity to teach our Millennials about financial literacy in terms of money decisions, savings etc.


Visa launched an interactive play called “Lukot-lukot, Bilog- bilog (Crumpled, Round)” which developed with Tanghalang Pilipino (TP), a resident drama company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).


Based from the title itself, it will showcase common scenarios faced by most Filipinos in terms of handling money. It will be lead by a Senior High School student protagonist named Gwyneth who is challenged to make decisions between her need and wants. Native Filipino heroes such as Jose Rizal and Apolinario Mabini will come to the picture from the crumpled bills and rounded coins to help Gwyneth make wise decisions with the money she has.


With this interactive play, BSP hope that it will teach and enlighten the minds of millennials about handling wise money decisions and it will also create a new atmosphere to many Filipinos towards a better Financial literate citizens. 



We believe that financial education should be introduced to learners early on, especially key concepts including budgeting, investing, and setting financial goals. Innovative approach such as blending education and art are most welcome and can help the existing programs of the government. This is a tangible support from the private sector of the objectives of the NSFI, particularly the pillars on financial education and consumer protection,” says Pia Roman-Tayug, Head of Inclusive Finance Advocacy of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.


Visa’s financial literacy initiative also aims to reach out to students under Teach for the Philippines, a program Visa has been actively involved with previously. 


Starting October, the show will be performed in close to 10 different schools to make financial literacy education more accessible to the students. This program is aligned with the government’s National Strategy for Financial Inclusion, in particular, the pillar on financial education and consumer protection.

For more updates and information, visit www.visa.com.ph , http://visaapnews.asia/ and @VisaNews

Teacher’s Insights: PSID Celebrates Golden Anniversary with Graduation Exhibit

Five decades of excellence in Interior Design education, and still, the Philippine School of Interior Design continuously soars and remains to be the undisputed premiere school for Interior Design. In its 50 years, the school has produced some of the finest interior designers in the industry and students who continuously top the board exams every year. This illustrious past meets the future movers and shakers of the design world as PSID mounts “GOLD: Glamorous, Opulent, and Luxurious Designs”, a graduation exhibit slated on October 1-31 at Uptown Bonifacio Mall in Bonifacio Global City.

Capture 4

As the school celebrates its golden anniversary, GOLD will showcase luxurious and glamorous designs that also celebrate comfort, functionality, opulence, and cost efficiency.

Booth No. 3: “Balinese Kitchen”.
Booth No. 5: “Morrocan Oasis” Bedroom

Co-presented by Megaworld, and mounted in cooperation with Boysen, Schema, Shell Canvas, La Europa, Designery, Daikin, and Tecson Flowers, the exhibit is set to showcase an array of 24 exquisitely-designed exhibits that highlight the trends of the decades in which the school has offered design students quality training mixed with the aesthetic of luxury, opulence, and glamour.

Booth No. 4: “Modern Deconstructivism” Study Room

For the first time in PSID’s history of graduation exhibits, the school’s students, alumni, and faculty have joined forces and showcase their brightest design ideas for GOLD. The exhibit will be divided into three galleries.


Booth No. 6: “Contemporary Neoclassic” Dining Room

The Students Gallery will exhibit interiors conceptualized and constructed by the 72 pupils of PSID Advanced Class of 2017, as well as students from the PSID-AHLEN Institute. The graduating students will showcase design concepts that capture the essence of luxury, opulence, and glamour as finishes and materials take center stage to elicit an ambiance that caters to sophistication and sense of style.


Booth No. 11: “Eclectic Elegance” Bedroom

Meanwhile, the Alumni Gallery is a “blast from the past” of sorts with already established PSID alumni such as Chitz Legaspi and Lalyn Nivera participating again in a graduation exhibit. It is a way for the alumni to relive the challenges and experiences of creating a booth for the graduation exhibit and apply what they have learned, both from the school and in the practice to evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Booth No. 13: Michael Pizzaro “Bedroom”

Also a first for the PSID exhibit is the Faculty Gallery. Select professors and instructors of the PSID, namely Michael Pizarro, Mark Perez and Vianca Anonuevo, Gino and Karen Abrera, Jigs Adefuin, Mary Anne Bulanadi, and Chat Fores will also showcase their works to help commemorate the school’s anniversary. Pitted side-by-side with the works of PSID students both past and present, the Faculty Gallery will be a testament to PSID’s elite design training.

Booth No. 15: Mary Ann Bulanadi “Den/Study Room”
Booth No. 20: Jigs Adefuin “Living Room”


Booth No.22: Mike Suqui and Kat Obcemea “Living Room”

For more details about the PSID exhibits and events, just visit their faceboook page www.facebook.com/PhilippineSchoolofInteriorDesign/.  Come visit their exhibits on October 1-31 at Uptown Bonifacio and witness the different masterpieces of these students and PSID Alumni.