Teacher Eats: Bakers Maison Introduces more Delightful Artisan Discoveries #TasteTheWorld

Being foodie on the go is never easy (except you can eat everything at once). Especially inside the busy business district of Makati City where people are always on the go. That’s why food stalls around the corner like those in the Glorietta Mall are the easy way to go. For artisan bread and pastries that’s tasty, fresh and good to go, most of the bakeshops I can think of are the ones that are expensive. But my friends from the blogger’s community changed my perspective about it. There are on-the-go artisan bakeshop and cafe that’s within your reach and can serve affordable and tasty artisan bread. Guy’s let me introduce the Bakers Maison from Gardenia. 

Bakers Maison, Gardenia’s artisanal specialty bakery café, introduces more exciting and delectable ways to enjoy its wide array of artisan bread.


In the recently held bloggers gathering at the Bakers Maison Glorietta 4 Branch, members of the Bloggers Association of the Philippines have witnessed various recipes using Bakers Maison Whole Wheat Baguette, Ciabatta Classico, Sourdough de Maison, Classic Bagel, Chocolate Chip Bagel, and Raisin Cinnamon Bagel. All recipes were personally demonstrated by Chef Edwin Tan, a Malaysian Master Baker with around three decades of baking expertise.


‘Artisan Discoveries’

Through the technology and bread making the expertise of Gardenia Bakeries Philippines and its collaboration with various industry experts, Bakers Maison Philippines delivers exceptional consumer value through its delectable bread and pastries inspired not just by traditional and authentic French recipes, but a fusion of flavors from all over the world.

The Chefs during the cooking demo of Bakers Maison.

During the blogger’s event, Chef Edwin shares appetizing creations you can do with your favorite artisan bread.


Whole Wheat Baguette (originated in France) is a hearty, whole wheat version of our Baguette Parisienne, a French bread with a crisp crust and a chewy interior that comes in a light flavor that is uniquely Bakers Maison.

Ciabatta Classico (originated in Italy) is Bakers Maison’s rendition of the popular Italian bread with a crusty crumb and distinctive chew.


Sourdough de Maison (originated in Egypt) is a rugged and rustic bread with an upfront taste of rye.

Classic Bagel (originated in Poland) is a classic, soft, chewy bagel with a slightly crisp crust.


Chocolate Chip Bagel (originated in Poland) is our version of freshly baked bagel made with milk-flavoured chocolate chips to flavor the dough.


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Raisin Cinnamon Bagel (originated in Poland) is another freshly baked bagel made with raisins and cinnamon to flavor the dough.


Quality and Freshness Guarantee

Bakers Maison is committed to quality and consistency and uses only the finest ingredients and original recipes to create the authentic French taste. All bread are partially baked in a clean and controlled environment and delivered frozen to the store, where final oven baking is done. This process, otherwise known as the “par-baked” method, guarantees consistent quality and freshness, made possible through central commissary production.


Store expansion


Bakers Maison rolls out business expansion through rapid store expansion to cater to more artisan bread lovers out there. Currently, Bakers Maison has stores located in LIIP Mamplasan Binan, Laguna, SM North EDSA, Landmark Trinoma, Waltermart Makati, Glorietta 4 and South Park District Alabang.

Thanks Bakers Maison and Bloggers Association of the Philippines for this foodie experience.

Gardenia’s artisanal bakery café formally open its franchise business this year and is currently looking for franchisees to further expand reach and open more stores.

Like Bakers Maison on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BakersMaisonPH for more information.


Teacher Eats: Holiday Feasts and Celebrations Would be the Best this Christmas at Apag Marangle


Makati City, Philippines – Preparing a feast for our Friends and Family this festive season can be stressful because preparation can take a long time thus less time to bond with them. But make your celebrations easier this festive season with Apag Marangle.

With the name literally means ‘Dining in the Farm’ or ‘Hain sa Bukid’ in Tagalog, Apag Marangle serves authentic Kapampangan food in a farm setting which gives it a laidback ambiance. Everyone can enjoy a eating authentic Kapampangan food complete with traditional Kapampangan music to accompany their experience.

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Located at Park Square, Makati, Apag Marangle boasts of home made Kapampangan food that is packed on flavor using only the freshest ingredients that come from their farm in Bacolor, Pampanga that you are sure that everything will be fresh and cooked to perfection this festive season.

From the famous sisig Pampanga is known for, to one of a kind food made for the adventurous like Betute which are fried farm frogs filled with ground meat or sauteed crickets which is called Camaru in Kapampangan.

For meat lovers, They have Humba or Pork braised in yellow paste that has a side serving of ripe banana that mellows the bold savory flavor of the pork. Another crowd favorite is Apag Marangle’s Kare Kare – or beef oxtail stew made with creamy peanut sauce served with Apag Marangle’s homemade fish paste.

A must try for every foodie is Apag Marangle’s Nasing Marangle, A dish which has rice, meat, and vegetables that fits everyone’s palate.

As this festive season is coming make sure to bring the whole family and your friends to Apag Marangle at Park Square Makati.

Apag Marangle is open for reservations for upcoming functions like Christmas parties, family get together and reunions so make sure to go to Apag Marangle and get a taste of Kapampangan food this festive season.

For more information to get reservations in Apag Marangle you can call them for reservations at 0915-241-2000 or visit them at Parksquare, Ayala Center, Makati City.

Mangan Ta Na this Holiday season at Apag Marangle!

#TeacherEats@BGC: Mercato Centrale’s Next Big Food Entrepreneur 2015 Grand Taste Test


Being a foodie in a city I love is indeed a fantasy land I love wandering in. And with different food shops to choose from, the foodtrip possibilities are endless. Mercato Centrale is one of those food places I love visiting for authentic, convenient and delicious dishes. And more than just great food, you can also find hardworking & creative food entrepreneurs in Mercato; Entrepreneurs once started small in the industry, now making a name for their awesome dishes.


This year, Mercato Centrale once again give these entrepreneurs a chance to have a breakthrough in the food business industry. Welcome to “The Next Big Food Entrepreneur” – a competition and now a tradition that has started since 2012.

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In its first phase, I was invited to be a “food critic” (as I called it 😉 ) at their “Grand Taste Test” and I can tell how amazing these entrepreneurs aspirant was. We were given a taste of what it’s like to conceptualize, develop and bolster a product in the real market.

This year’s winner for this competition will win BIGTIME! As the winner will get Php 100,000 start-up capital, a total of 6 months rent-free stay at Mercato – managed markets, a chance to be featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, ProFamily Life Insurance worth 1 Million and regular mentoring with the Mercato Centrale Masters themselves, Mr. RJ Ledesma and Mr. Anton Diaz. 

As Mercato Centrale’s esteemed guests, ready your taste buds as you take part and personally witness how these aspiring food entrepreneurs battle it out in this round of eliminations and ultimate taste test their concepts to become “The Next Big Food Entrepreneur 2015!”

For those interested to become food entrepreneurs in Mercato, please email mercatocentraleph@gmail.com, log on to www.facebook.com/mercatocentrale or contact 09156602963. 



Teacher Eats: A “Youthful and Blessed” Eating Experience at Eleventh Twenty-eight Burger #Eleventh28

For our generation “taste of reference”, we only have THREE POINTS to consider when eating out: Great food, Convenience and Location. And here at #TeacherEats, I don’t allow to take my taste buds on a limit. I would go where these three points meet for all of you to see and experienced. Ultimately, that’s where our friend Arcy took us; a burger place that’s spread excitement and blessings for everyone. 


“Eleventh Twenty-eight Burger Restaurant” is located at Sampaguita St. cor. Jasmin St. Makati City (Near Ospital ng Makati). And for most of us “Taguig-enyos” (people who reside at Taguig City), it’s convenient for us to travel from BGC all our way there. 

Let’s cut to the chase and see why this burger place is both “exciting and blessing” for everyone:


Nothing fancy nor expensive about their place, but seeing bible quotes around can make everyone feel blessed and motivated in every visit. The place might be small, but it can accommodate big groups of “dabarkads” and even a full worship team. 

DSC08995 DSC08996


Their food is indeed something you’ll like to munch during your cheat day without the guilt at all. The presentation of their dishes is all “photo-friendly” and tempting to dig in, and we’re not wrong about it. All of us are so excited to take pictures and make our own “Instagram moments” with our respective burgers. 

All of us have their “Instagram moments”. Pics courtesy by Izza Nillo.
“This is it, pansit!” caption. (The Model hehe :P)
“Just BaConfident” Burger. Php 89 only!

I wasn’t able to taste all the burgers (from the photos provided), but I can tell that the quality, texture and taste of their burgers are all good for our “youthful senses” to appreciate. The burger patties are tasty with condiments on it, and it is not dry to chew. What more catchy about their food and drinks is their cool nametags that align well with the burgers. 

“Class-B Mushroom” Burger. Php 69.
“OK Pine!” ClassicoB Burger with Pineapple. Php 79
Fries with dip. Php 30

The drinks, on the other hand, taste good with its nice “photo-ready” presentation. It compliments well with the burgers and it’s so fulfilling in the tummy. 

Overflowing Red Tea (unli) Php 25
Choco-Banana Frappe. Php 60
Coffee Crumble Frappe. Php 60


All of their staffs are very friendly and accommodating. They listen to our needs and know their dishes very well. Talked about feeling blessed, the restaurant is managed by a Christ-believer. So if you feel lonely or tired, take the time to talk to their manager and surely you’ll be blessed with their inspired messages. 


DSC08989 DSC08990

DSC08991 DSC08992

When it comes to convenience, this reataurant takes the top place! Looking at their dishes, it may seem so expensive with its apperance and taste. But each burger’s cost is less than Php 100 which is the cheapest, compared to the other big burger chain. Why cheap? TO BLESS PEOPLE (as the manager said.) 

THE RESULT (1-10 Teacher Points)



A Food bonding well-spent. Pics courtesy by Tina Pedrosa <3

Overall, Eleventh Twenty-eight got all our points. More than just good and affordable food, the blessings and inspiration inside this place makes it a resto-worth loving. Both fulfilling in the stomach and the spirit. Come and be blessed with their burgers and inspiration.

For more updates, you can follow them at these sites:




Disclosure: this blog post was written with no biases and is written based from my own experience and opinions. All photos in this post are all owned by the blogger.© Unauthorized use, copying, editing, reproduction, publication, duplication and distribution of these digital photos and articles, without my explicit permission/approval, is punishable by law.

Teacher Eats: AjiPanda™: Your Best Friend in the Kitchen

kathrynAjiPanda™ is a cute panda icon that conveys someone shy, caring, happy and loyal. It personifies how a humble pack or bottle of AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning fills the role of “Your Best Friend in the Kitchen” by offering an ever-reliable way of bringing out the natural goodness of food.

Ajinomoto’s new campaign, which also features teen queen Kathryn Bernardo, presents the benefits of its dependable brand of seasoning to a new generation of cooks and food lovers.

AJI-NO-MOTO® comes from sugar cane, corn or cassava and is manufactured through the natural process of fermentation. This product is safe, convenient and effective in making food taste delicious. 

This is because it is simply free glutamate, the most common among amino acids (the building blocks of protein). It provides the taste of umami to food in the same way that sugar adds sweet taste or salt adds salty taste to food.

But what is umami? Umami, is the fifth basic taste alongside sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. It is the savory, rich and full taste we often experience in meat, seafood, cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms. 

Consider the delightful composition of chicken, green papaya and malunggay in tinola or the medley of cheese, ham, pepperoni, tomatoes, green and red bell peppers on top of a pizza. The combinations and layers of these glutamate-rich ingredients make dishes very delicious and enjoyable.

Remember that AjiPanda™, your best friend in the kitchen, will help work wonders in your cooking so that you can share many happy meals with your family. Visit http://www.ajinomoto.com.ph/AjiPanda for healthy and delicious recipes.