Teacher Beauty Finds: Beauty in Fresh Breath! #SayItWithSwish

As a public figure (Teacher and Freelance Blogger to be exact!), we have to present ourselves well with modesty and charm. And as busy as I am, I don’t get much of all the prep-ups I need for meeting gatherings, bonding moments, etc. When you’re stuck with a lot of paper works, deadlines and many more, having fresh breath sometimes can be easily neglected. And when those meeting comes your way (especially the special ones), you don’t have a fresh breath to boost you up in your game. Now talk about super turn-off!

Sad to say that I’n not kind of a SUPER OC when it comes to oral hygiene and the only close I have for super fresh breath is brushing my teeth. While it’s a struggle I need to prioritize, here’s a lot of factors that’s needs to consider when it comes to oral health. It’s like a skin regime too actually. It requires a constant care and maintenance in and out and it should be careful with the oral hygiene products as well. And with a lot of products out there, you cannot tell what’s best for you unless you try. Without the trial and error, consider three things when it comes to buying oral hygiene products:

  • Ingredients
  • Who made it? 
  • Convenience


And I’m happy to say that the new product of #Swish really caught my attention. The new Swish Breath Spray is indeed a new thing for oral health. For only 99 pesos (100 sprays per bottle=1 peso per day), you can now have these benefits that I experienced first hand:

  • No stinging feeling (goodbye awkward feeling!) 
  • Sugar free and alcohol free
  • Gives you instant fresh breath in just 10 second
  • Does not only mask odor but also kills bad breath causing bacteria
  • Last up to  100 spray
  • Comes in a handy 10ml bottle
  • 2 flavors to choose from: artic chill and peppermint fresh
  • Available at watson, mercury drug, shopwise, Southstar, Puregold, Robinsons and other selected branches nationwide.
  • Made by our trusted quality pharmacy company: Unilab!


Now that’s a BIG DEAL! Now I can easily come and go in a meeting with modesty and charm, plus fresh breath with the new Swish Breath Spray. For every big deals ahead, #SayItWithSwish. And surely all meetings, proposals and bonding experience will be delivered with confidence and power! More than just fresh good-looking face can make!



Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SwishOfficial/

Check more information on their website: www.sayitwithswish.com
Instagram: http://instagram.com/swishofficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Swish_Official



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