Teacher Beauty Finds: My Finessa Aesthetica Experience

Dermcare industry in Metro Manila is indeed a SERIOUS business. More than just good looks and fit body, I still believe in Aesthetic care that’s non-invasive and long-lasting effect. In a busy place of Quezon City, there’s A LOT of skin care centers out there who will promise you these kinds of services. And as a busy teacher/blogger/life wanderer, I’m still on that search for the best derma care in the metro.

I experienced my 2nd Aesthetic skin care at Finessa Aesthetica at the heart of Timog Avenue, Quezon City. The location was far from my workplace but it paved all travel stress as I went there and experienced their newest facial service firsthand: Vitamin Burst Oxygenation Facial.


The Facility, Service and more than service staff

When I got to Finessa’s branch in Q.C, I felt at ease when the nurse staff (yup Registered nurses) welcomed me with nice gestures and fine bossa nova music. I felt calmed and relaxed after a stressful day at work as I get through their facilities.



Finessa 3




The procedure is similar to the one I got at Skin Perfection; only to find out that some of their products are from them. They’re completely honest about it and that’s what I admire about Finessa’s image. Because you can be assured that they first after your safety and trust more than just popularity.

What’s with their Vitamin Burst Oxygenation Facial that you should look forward:
– Renews the skin by removing dead skin cell build-up using a light exfoliating wash.
– Refreshes and neutralizes the skin via an oxygen infused solution.
– Dermis structural regeneration through supplying abundant below-the-surface nourishment and hydration.



They started the procedure by first cleansing my face by painfully removed my blackheads and whiteheads (which brought me to tears during the procedure, but its fine #TiisGanda hehe). More than just cleaning, I went to different facial sensations during the procedures. They rubbed different serum to my face (some are owned from skin perfection), did an oxygenation steam for few minutes and put some last finishing touches. Their products are indeed good for sensitive skin and not too harsh to smell; which means, it is less in chemicals and other harmful ingredients.

Finessa 2


The after effect: skin that’s full of glow and radiance. My face looks refreshed and its elasticity is improved; looked younger from before. I was happy with the results because more than just the after effect, the fact that finessa’s staff tells you their every move makes you feel secured at assured that nothing will harm your skin. The nurse knew what to do with their clients and I was at ease when they did the oxygenation facial. 



You too can experience such care and assurance with Finessa Aethetica. Located with these branches:

203B Pergola Mall A. Aguirre corner E. Gatches 

BF Homes, San Dionisio, Paranaque City

1720 Timog Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines


You can also have updates and insights about their promos and more at their social media accounts.

IG: @finessaaesthetica
FB Acct: Finessa Aesthetica
FB Page: /finessaaestheticapage
Viber: 0977.810.7420


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