Teacher Insights: How the Rom-Com “Feelennial” help Mid-Age People Find Love

How do you find love in this digital age? Many of us are already in the hook using different smartphone apps and social media to find our perfect match. And it’s not only the millennials are taking advantage of this technology. Also our mid-age people who wants to be hip in what’s trending are also using the opportunity to find true love.

Wanna know how they do it? Let the upcoming romantic comedy movie “Feelennial” teach you the “do’s and dont’s” of dating in the digital age. Starring Comedy and Box Office Queen Ai-Ai Delas Alas and versatile comedian and host Bayani Agbayani, there is no exception as it contains the ingredients of a sure blockbuster hit and pure Rom-Com feels.

What “Feelennial” Really Means?

Feelennial, a portmanteau of “feeling millennials,” is about middle-aged individuals who feel and act like millennials. They are your adorable titos and titas, who stumble into one misadventure after another as they try to adopt the lifestyle of the younger generation.

Ai-Ai plays the role of Madame Bato-bato, a rich single mom who has everything she needs except the attention of her only son Nico, played by actor-model Arvic Tan. She tries to do the activities that her millennial son is into to gain the latter’s attention. In one of her feelennial activities – online dating, she meets Chito (Bayani’s character), a rich bachelor who recently won a huge sum via lotto jackpot.

Their first encounter doesn’t turn out too well, and what ensues is a flurry of mishaps and misadventures, pitting De las Alas and Agbayani into funny, yet thought-provoking situations on how romance and family dynamic has changed in today’s society.

Ai-Ai and Bayani Great Chemistry

The #Unfiltered tandem of Ai Ai and Bayani is such a joyful thing to watch. It’s so natural for them to be in their respective roles as “Feelennials” and they can make you laugh effortlessly with their “burning” lines towards each other. One way of proving that Bayani and Ai Ai can rock this new generation, remaining the best comedians of all ages.

And the movie is best presented with both millennials and Baby boomers as well. As both Ai-Ai and Bayani are surrounded at work by a young group of stars and production people, whose millennial habits they have somewhat imbibed as well.

The cast like the millennial artist: Nar Cabico as Dua, Ina Feleo as Tahoma, Nicole Donesa as Cambria, Jelai Andres as Aerial, Nicole Donesa as Cambria, Sofia delas Alas as Sophia, Skelly Skelly as Dope, Micah Muñoz as Shanty, Arvic Tan as Nico and Raffy Roque as Efril represent their generation well in the film. And with the special participation of the “Xennial” groups: Martin Nievera, Pops Fernandez, and Paolo Ballesteros, it makes the scenes of the movie extra moving.

Directed by one of GMA 7’s resident directors, Rechie del Carmen, Feelennial is produced by Cignal Entertainment, the original content division of the Philippine’s #1 Pay TV provider, Cignal TV, and Pops Fernandez’s DSL Productions, which marks its first venture into film production after organizing successful concerts for over 30 years.

Bring the whole family to watch Feelennial and let the millennials and our baby boomers enjoy the life and love in this digital age. The movie opens in cinemas on June 19 so better not miss it.

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