Teacher Insights: Make More Time with your Mama at #HourMama and Andok’s

How do you spend time with your mom nowadays? With all the gadgets and trends frenzy, families usually missed the precious times they could have shared with each other. Kids rarely live throughout the day without their phones, moms are usually busy with all-day’s-work at home, career, etc. So how it is possible for children like us have lasting memory with our mother?

This year, Andoks seeks to inspire families to disconnect from their mobile phones/gadgets and spend quality and meaningful bonding moments last Mother’s Day.

#HourMaman is Andok’s Mother’s Day Campaign that aims to encourage people to dedicate at least an hour for some uninterrupted bonding time with their mother. Experiencing it personally, it’s hard at first, but it’s worth the delay gratification.

How #HourMama Helps?

The campaign kicks off at Andok’s Makati Ave branch last Mother’s Day and we personally experience the OFFLINE bonding experience with my mom from 12nn-1 p.m. My mom and I bond, asked cool questions towards each other and eat out with Andok’s best dishes. This might be short, but how this campaign helps me and my mom:

  • It gives quality bond between mothers and children.

With the busy schedules we have, me and my mom rarely talk everyday. This “NO WI-FI/NO GADGET HOUR” gave us the opportunity to know each other more.

  • It teaches us to pay MORE ATTENTION

Our gadgets can indeed steal meaningful times with our moms. #HourMama helps us to be attentive and intentional in building quality memories with our moms, and moms to their children.

  • Giving time to your children is an GOOD INVESTMENT

Most child issues are usually rooted at the absence of their parents. Being offline enable parents to practice good parenting to their kids. Making them be upright, well-rounded citizens of our countries.

Lesson, you don’t need to wait for another mother’s day to make quality time with your moms. Everyday you can make an effort of turning off your Wi-Fi and create lasting memories with your moms. Because like us, they also deserve our TLC (Tender, Loving, Care), away from our mobile gadgets.

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