Teacher Insights: What’s the Best Investment Product for All Ages?

We Filipinos become more conscious when it comes to money. We want to earn more, buy bigger things and start saving for the rainy days. With all the products that’s offering better saving components, why many FIlipinos still don’t want to start? One of the most common answer is this: FEAR OF INFLATION.

Last year, we experienced a high inflation rate that cause the price of goods and services to increase. Making it hard for us to budget our salary. These changes in the government, including the rise of the infrastructure spending for the “Build, Build, Build Project), raise big concerns for us Filipino economically. Other factors are:

  • The possible great effect of US vs China trade war in our economic status.
  • The high GDP rate means the “slowly but surely” growth of the economy.
  • Increase unemployment to many Filipino fresh graduates enable the government to upscale infrastructure projects and hope to bring jobs to people.
  • Inflation improves paving the way for more rate cuts.

With all these factors, it is rest assured that it is still good to invest NOW and take advantage of what the market can do to make our money grow.

What’s the best investment tool?

In keeping with efforts to make investing in mutual funds even more accessible to us Filipinos, Sun Life Asset Management Company Inc. is launching a new variants of it’s different mutual fund products:

P 1,000 pesos Sun Life Prosperity Card.

The first in the industry, the Sun Life Prosperity Card is a stored value gift card that may be used to invest in peso-dominated mutual funds managed and distributed by SLAMCI.

The card is best gift to your loved ones on their birthday, anniversary, baptisms and weddings. And with P1,000 pesos above, you can start investing with a higher interest rate without breaking your budget.

You can start small with “Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund”

The Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund presents the least risk amongst all funds, however, with the lowest possible returns. In retrospect, this Fund provides higher annual returns than your bank savings account and doesn’t impose any sales load on you.

Starting at 100 pesos, you can now have a less risky investment tool with good return that is better than the banks.

Sun Rise (Group Investment Program For Employees)

Sun RISE or Regular Investments Simplified for Employees is a workplace savings plan for employees. It is a group investment program that allows members to invest in peso-dominated Sun Life Prosperity Funds for as low as PHP300. This can be done though monthly contributions from their salaries.

Employees may also continue their mutual fund investment even after resignation from the company of retirement. It is convenient, affordable and portable. With the Sun RISE program, employees are able to INVEST FIRST before spending their salaries. Investing in Sun RISE can lead to several benefits.

Mutual Fund Account for Kids

Kids 18 years old below will also have a mutual fund experience. Kids can now have the opportunity to earn using “joint accounts” of their parents. With that, it will enable kids to save and invest more for their future plans like education, business, and more.

All these Mutual Fund products are made available online. Visit www.sunlifefunds.com or call 849-9888 for more details. You can also talk to your reliable Sun Life Financial advisor and take the opportunity to #MakeItMutual towards your financial goals.

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