Teacher Sports Fest: SM City Sucat sets the stage for the Philippine Jiu Jitsu Gi/No Gi National Championships

SM City Sucat is all set for high-adrenaline action as it hosts the Philippine Jiu Jitsu Gi/No Gi National Championships on August 29 and 30, held at the 3F Event Center. Over 200 jiu-jitsu champs from all corners of the globe, including Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, France, Australia and the US, are competing in the BJJ Gi and No Gi divisions, and Juniors and Children’s categories.

Head Organizer Stephen Kamphuis
Head Organizer Stephen Kamphuis

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art, combat sport, and a self-defense system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. It was developed to allow a smaller, weaker person to protect him or herself from a larger, stronger opponent by using proper technique and leverage.

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DSC08395 DSC08384

After rounds of intense combat and strategic moves, skillful champions emerged victories. Among the biggest winners were:

1 jiu jitsu 2 jiu jitsu

3 jiu jitsu 4 jiu jitsu

5 jiu jitsu 6 jiu jitsu

7 jiu jitsu 8 jiu jitsu

9 jiu jitsu 10 jiu jitsu

11 jiu jitsu 12 jiu jitsu


13 jiu jitsu 14 jiu jitsu

Many participants, from the youngest to the oldest, male and female, show their power moves and each teams has its techniques and attacts that’s makes them surewin. One of kapuso star from GMA, Rocco Nacino also show his moves and compete for a title. He might lose his first attempt, but his potentials is indeed promising.

 DSC08395 DSC08370

Despite the loss, Actor Rocco Nacino got one of the loudest cheers during his match DSC08413

Lock in a weekend to remember and be a part of the Philippine Jiu Jitsu Gi / No Gi National Championships at SM City Sucat. Know more about the art of jiu jitsu and keep tabs on the exciting combat by following SM City Sucat on Instagram and Twitter (@smcity_sucat), and on Facebook (SMCitySucat).

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