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Teacher’s Insights: Effortless Diabetes Management system with Accu-Chek Instant blood glucose monitoring system.

To Diabetics right there, how do you manage Diabetes nowadays? With all the diateary restrictions and daily glucose monitoring, this might stress you more. Good thing Roche Diabetes Care introduced the new Accu-Chek® Instant blood glucose monitoring system in Philippines last September 1, 2017. The system is designed to provide a truly effortless and accurate solution for patients.

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The Accu-Chek Instant system offers new, user-friendly features:

  • Simple Preparation: No set-up required, just insert a strip, dose along the easy-edge strip and see results in less than 4 seconds.
  • Target Range Indicator: Limits possibilities for misunderstanding as the intuitive target range indicator gives visual confirmation  when blood glucose values are above range (blue), in range (green)  or below range (red).
  • Surpasses International Accuracy Standards: Accu-Chek Instant system fulfills the ISO 15197:2013 / EN ISO 15197:2015 and delivers even tighter 10/10 accuracy.1,2
  • One-Button Navigation: No more scrolling through a menu to find what is needed, only the last test result and 7-, 30-, 90-day averages are visible on the meter. More results can be viewed using our Accu-Chek Connect App or Accu-Chek Connect Online portal.
  • Easy-Edge Dosing: A small blood sample can be applied anywhere along the yellow edge of the test strip. Accu-Chek Instant strips have the widest blood application area compared to leading brands.
  • Automatic Synchronization: All blood glucose results are transferred wirelessly to Accu-Chek Connect App which can be downloaded on any smartphone or via Accu-Chek Connect Online which is our cloud-based solution accessible on any computer.

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Roche Diabetes Care is a pioneer in the development of blood glucose monitoring system and a global leader for diabetes management systems and services. For more than 40 years, the Accu-Chek brand has been dedicated to enable patients with diabetes to live life as normal and active as possible. We offer innovative products and impactful solutions for convenient, efficient and effective diabetes management. For more information, call the Accu-Chek Customer Service at 02-7187575 / 02-718-7588 / 0917-8978000.

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