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Teacher’s OOTD: Celebrate Women’s Month with Tessa Prieto-Valdez “Wildflower: A Fashion Retrospective”


Celebrating women’s month this March alongside their 30th anniversary, SM Megamall presents Wildflower: A Fashion Retrospective on style icon Tessa Rufino Prieto-Valdes.



Amidst all the minimalist fashion trending, one woman dares to stand out. Like wildflowers that come in varied species and kinds, the exhibit portrays women from all walks of life. Through each of her dresses, we share a vibrant story worth telling.



As we walk through the Sea Princess’ whimsical wardrobe collection, we are introduced to an aspect of Tessa Prieto-Valdes that is essential to her personality — her imaginative fashion.



The exhibit likens Tessa as a wildflower, colorful, flamboyant, and diverse. Beauty is a natural thing whether in simplicity or extravagance. And as we trace back to the most organic form of inspiration — nature — through Tessa’s wardrobe, we are introduced to some of Manila’s top designers that Tessa Prieto-Valdes champions.


Every designers’ clothes are made especially for Tessa’ events and spectacular meetings. These designers are known to their world class designs like Rajo Laurel, Albert Andrada, Michael Cinco and others. And knowing Tessa’s taste of clothing, you will see how spectacular and colorful the exhibit are.




The Wildflower: A Fashion Retrospective exhibit will run from March 8-18, 2016 at the Mega Fashion Hall.


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