Teacher’s Sports Fest: Jr.NBA and Jr.WNBA RSC: Making Young Kid’s Dream Possible

What makes an ordinary kid create a great dream possible?

As a teacher for almost two years, there’s nothing more important for me but to lead students towards their ultimate purpose more than just teaching them academic lessons. And as young as they are, they should know the ways on how they can make it possible.

Most basketball kids nowadays are now enthusiastic and inspire to imitate and learn the basketball moves of their favorite basketball players; not knowing that they can make history too for themselves. In our neighborhood at Brgy. Western Bicutan, we have several “Basketball Camp” for kids during their summer season that’s popular and interactive. Through it, they can practice and show the moves of their basketball superstars. Sadly, it just ends there and they’re not given a chance to let those skills take them to the next level.

That’s why my hope for these kids arises, as Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA opens their doors once again for these basketball kids to make their dreams possible.


Last April 9 and 10 at Don Bosco Technical Institute, Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA together with Alaska re-open their annual Regional Selection Camp for the third time. As kid’s response grows bigger each year, Jr. NBA Committee, the Regional Selection Camps were also held at Davao City, Cebu City, and Baguio City. And because of that, the selection process has become intense and exciting for all the participating kids.


The Dream Process

This camp is available for all kids, ages from 5 to 14 years old with excellent basketball skills and star character. Looking at the line of the participating kids, the estimated no. of the kids are 1030 for the manila leg alone. Kids from a different background but with the same goal, these kids reminds me of my childhood and how inspiring it is to see their skills and determination to make it to the next level.




They have been through different stages of grading section through body analysis, basketball drills, and warm-ups; as the no. of 1030 has become lower until the last day of their Regional Selection Camp.

What Makes them “Push, Forward, & Play” Consistently?

With the whole 2-day event like this, average kids might feel a bit discouraged already about themselves. They started doubting about their skills, ending up comparing themselves to others. But I can’t help to smile every time they show perseverance and passion to what they do.




During the camp, the recent Jr.NBA All-Star Team visited the venue and shared their awesome experience after winning last year’s RSC. Looking back from what they started, I was so inspired to see them grow from day 1, to what they are today. These kids are now representing their respective schools with pride and excellence; knowing that what they learned from their previous camp molds them to be a Star Player. And what amazes me the most is their humility to give back the inspiration to the recent participating kids; to believe more and reach higher to their goals in life. This character they showed is developed because more than just training them basic-to-advance basketball skills, they’re also taught some character development (Sportsmanship, Teamwork, A Positive Attitude and Respect “STAR”) for them to be fully equipped as a power Jr. NBA/ Jr. WNBA player.


What are the factors that Hinder them away?

As I talked to the kids and parents during the event, some of the things that they shared with me are their difficulties in life in supporting their kids to reach their dreams. Lack of provisions, family problems and lack of nutrition are part of the problems every kid encountered. The recent survey says that most children today are still in lack of proper nutrition. And because of that, many development deficiencies are rising to every kid; hindering them to push forward more and be with themselves. Good thing that Alaska has 20+ essential nutrients that will help the growth and development of every kid’s need as the grow up. And because of that, these Jr. NBA aspirants now have the boldness and determination to push themselves to the limit and be greater every single day.



The Chosen Jr.NBA and Jr.WNBA set of Players

On the second day of the RSC, the 40 out of 1030 participants made their way to the next level of competition, as they’re grouped separately to work together as a team. This showcases the skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship of each participant. They did different basketball drills to team competitions to see how they are as an individual player. And as I looked to the girls who competed with their opponents’ team, I was amazed at how they work cooperatively and excellently with their assigned coaches and how they showed teamwork towards other teammates.





And after of proper deliberation and scoring from the committee of judges, Sixteen boys, and eight girls stood out over the rest in the Manila Regional Selection Camp of the Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Philippines 2016. From Metro Manila to the other parts of the NCR Region, here are the names of the following players who will move their way to the National Training Camp:


1. Mark Glenn Gabon, 14, of National University
2. Luis Gabriel Aguila, 13, of Nazareth School of NU
3. Johndhel Austria, 13, of Escuela de Sophia
4. Jearico Nunez, 13, of University of Perpetual Help System-Dalta
5. Kai Zachary Sotto, 13
6. Jericho Ross Paglinawan, 14 and Mark Nicole Lucban, 13 of St. Francis of Assisi School;
8. Reich Randell Villegas, 13, of Ateneo de Manila
9. Prince Junnell de Belen, 13, of San Isidro Catholic School
10. Pauloh Villarin, 13, of De La Salle Zobel
11. Patrick Lance Inting, 14, of Our Lady of Pillar Catholic School
12. Miguel Rey Luis, 13, of Xavier School
13. Anjelo Raphael Argente, 14, of De La Salle Lipa
14. Andrei Philip Lechoncito, 13, of St. John’s Institute of Bacolod



1. Dianne Camille Nolasco, 11, of Miriam College
2. Lalaine Gonzales, 13, of Escuela de Sophia
3. Carly Monreal, 13, and Princess Marie Villarin, 10, of De La Salle Zobel 5. Jonalyn Bongalos of University of Perpetual Help System-Dalta
6. Lindsey Nacional, 12 of Baptist Bible Seminary Institute, Taytay
7. Magda Lioui Flores, 13, of Christian Grace School of Cavite
8. Ma. Cecilia Quilenderino of Dalig National High School of Antipolo




It was a heart-warming moment seeing these kids, as they leveled-up in their Jr.NBA and Jr.WNBA experience. It also made me realized how the future is bright and wonderful for these kids; as they’ll be a channel of inspiration to the aspiring basketball player in the future and make a legend on their own.


For general information about Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA Philippines presented by Alaska please visit www.jrnba.asia/philippines, www.alaskamilk.com, and www.alaskapowercamp.com/basketball. For live updates log on to www.alaskaplayph.com follow us on FB, IG and Twitter @playph #jrnba #jrwnba.


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