Geeky and Techie: Brace Yourselves for Another Honda Gen-S Story

Metro Manila’s traffic nowadays, as a comedian once said, can “crush someone’s dreams.” I am, as a daily commuter, is one of EDSA’s regular victim. Knowing that most of my working engagements are from one city to another, having traffic as my daily struggles is such a stressful mess. Every plan you had can ruin because of the slow transportation motion. Your productivity, money, time, effort and energy will be low way before you come to your destination, because of this daytime battle. But now you don’t need to handle those things anymore. 


Honda, the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, is introducing another exciting motorcycle one after the other in the Philippines. From the most technologically advanced Scooters with Smart Engines to the most powerful Sports Engine in its class, Honda is proud to present New Generation 150cc Liquid-cooled DOHC 6-speed racing engine born out of Moto GP DNA.


This Gen-S Sports Model will be finally unveiled to the public in this year’s Inside Racing Grand Prix (IRGP) event slated on November 15, 2015.

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